• Alexander Verbeek

    Alexander Verbeek

    Institute for Planetary Security | Diplomat | Associate SEI & SIWI | Yale World Fellow | Public Speaker | Photographer | Energy-Water-Food | Innovation| Climate

  • Jake Jackson

    Jake Jackson

    SF & fantasy writer, indie-publishing advocate; artist, illustrator; movie reviews, podcaster, blogger; musician, songwriter, music book creator; world citizen.

  • KellyBob


    Encephalitis survivor (ADEM) and dog enthusiast currently working on life 2.0

  • Jillian Ada Burrows

    Jillian Ada Burrows

    I am very odd. One day, I’ll one-up myself and get even. If you like what I write, please share it. https://patreon.com/adaburrows

  • ✩ evo heyning ∞

    ✩ evo heyning ∞

    CEO @PlayableAgency ✩ Founder @LightLodges ✩ Producer ✩ Advisor ✩ Artist ✩ Speaker ✩ Media Design ✩ Interactive Mixed Reality ✩ Strategist ✩ Consultant

  • zach whalen

    zach whalen

    Associate Professor of English, University of Mary Washington

  • Shad Bolling

    Shad Bolling

    Achronal Urbex | Robo-Religions | Zombology

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