The U.S. Promotion/Relegation Manifesto
peter wilt

FIFA lays it out clearly. Pro/Rel is in their mandate and D1 teams must comply.

Solution: FIFA mandate forces our hand- US Soccer allows current MLS ownership groups 3 yrs to adapt and prepare or sell as Pro/Rel is beginning now.

On a few of your points…

Current MLS fanbase are soccers fans first and secondly they represent the minority of North American football/soccer enthusiasts- so tough beans for them

The value of MLS teams will begin and continue to decline over the next few years as the tv ratings slide steepens and those impacts resonate thru the major sponsors and broadcast networks propping up MLS.

Player development is the most important product of Pro/Rel as you stated perfectly: “The higher number of meaningful games in every division would heighten the competition among teams for positions in the table and among players for spots in the team. It would put those players in more high-pressure situations and give them more experiences in critical matches.”

College is for study not soccer. NCAA has smothered more US talent than any other US league.

Splitting MLS and creating faux pro/rel is a failure absolute and will be viewed as such by the football fan masses. Do Pro/Rel right — Do it now

Adopting a fan base ownership, as in Germany, seems like an easy way to ensure club financial stability and sustainability — great point Thank you for a fantastic article on the future of our contribution to the beautiful game. I feel strongly that Pro/Rel will happen in this country eventually so Why Wait!

US Soccer needs to enforce FIFA’s mandate for Pro/Rel now!


Life long American football fan

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