Things that are going surprisingly well.

  • I’m attending a forum of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) in Warsaw, starting this Saturday.
  • After that, it’s gonna be my 19th birthday, which happens to be a two(!)-day-holiday in Austria, so I’m meeting a friend of mine in Kyiv, which we arranged on an amazing night out last Saturday.
  • This month, I got accepted into the Media Content Team of EYP Austria, where I am going to be responsible for press relations during the academic year 2016/2017. Therefore, I will have many challenges and opportunities upcoming.
  • I brought my boyfriend to the airport. He is in Egypt now until end of November. What’s good about that, you may ask? The fact that he is still my boyfriend.
  • I’m in the organising team of a regional session of EYP Austria in Salzburg, which is quite time-consuming, but wonderfully challenging.
  • This semester I am attending a Polish basics course at the Slavistics Faculty. I love that I feel put back to school. Lots of nostalgia.
  • In my studies, my decision for the focus areas fell in favor of Public Relations, TV journalism and historic communication research, although back in 2015 I had envisioned very different fields (print and multimedia journalism.) However, I feel that these will bring me further in my personal development. Especially PR.
  • Last month I moved house from one side of my favourite Viennese street (Waehringerstrasse) to the other side of it. Same district. Always in love with the 9th.
  • I’m making proper Austrian friends. Took me a year, but hey!
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