Dangers of Wearing Ill-fitted Shoes When Walking/Exercising

Walking daily and exercise is essential for staying healthy and in shape. But it’s important to wear shoes that properly fit your feet and provide your foot with the support it needs. Ill-fitted shoes can lead to a number of foot problems that cause unwanted discomfort, pain and long-lasting effects. And while it’s important to pick the right shoes for everyday walking, it’s critical to ensure you are wearing supportive shoes during exercise. Experienced podiatrist, Dr. Schlomo Schmuel lists the dangers of wearing ill fitted shoes.

High Risk for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis, one of the most common causes of heal pain, is inflammation of the thick tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes. The inflamed tissue can cause uncomfortable pain while walking or when stationary. In order to avoid plantar fasciitis, limit your time in flip flops, high heels and other shoes that don’t support your feet, and make sure you’re the shoes you are working out in are comfortable and provide arch support.

Blisters Can Form

When your shoe is too loose or doesn’t fit right near the ankle or toes, working out can lead to painful blisters. This can also occur if you work out in shoes that you haven’t broken in. But if your shoes fit right, secure your foot and ankle and are designed for walking and exercising, you should be able to prevent blisters. And if you’re starting a new workout routine, blisters can delay it by days and even weeks because of the pain when you try to continue.

Damaged or Ingrown Toenails

Exercising puts tremendous stress on your feet — whether you’re jumping, running, squatting or leaping. And when you’re wearing shoes that don’t fit, your cramming and squeezing your toes into an area too small for them. This can lead to damaged toenails. But it can also lead to your shoe misdirecting the way your toenails grow, causing them to develop inward and become ingrown. If not treated, ingrown toenails are not only painful but could require surgery to remove them.

Soreness in Other Parts of Your Body

Pain derived from the foot often finds its way up the body into the legs, knees, hips and back. Therefore, wearing unfitted shoes while walking or working out can misalign the bones in your entire body. Once your foot bones become misaligned, the rest of your body begins to compensate for the issue, which puts stress on your arch, heel and other parts of your foot. This leads to stress traveling up your legs and impacting various parts of your lower body.

Wearing properly fitted shoes is just as important as having good technique and staying hydrated while working out. The negative effects ill-fitted shoes can have your body are too detrimental to your health to settle for shoes that don’t fit.

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel, DPM is the owner of Sunset Foot Clinic. He specializes in Podiatric Medicine. For nearly twenty-five years, he has been serving patients on Sunset Boulevard adjacent to The Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign on the border between Silver Lake and Echo Park.