Timeline: I am going to bake something on saturday night and I am going to make my mind map and silly sketches on sunday afternoon.

Do something fun

For my fun activity I decided to bake something with my boyfriend. Instead of the regular cookies or cupcakes we decided to find something online that seemed out of the box. We ended up making cookie dough truffles dipped in milk and white chocolate.

Mind Map

Mind Map (digitization)

I made my mind map directly on my computer. I found that putting the downloaded version of the image on the blog it was quite blurry so I had to use the screenshot.

Suggested Themes

Three specific themes that I think are interesting to explore within the domain of “health and wellbeing” are probably exercise utilities, food tools, and organization aids as to reduce stess. All three of these themes come from the sections Exercise, Food, and Stress on my mind map. I believe exercise utilities are worthy of exploration because in this day in age people are very interested in buying fitness tools to make exercising more enjoyable. Food tools are very interesting to me because I find it important to find things that help us eat healthy and correctly. This is worthy of exploration because here in the US obesity is such a common issue it is always useful to find hacks to making us and our society healthier. And my last theme I am interested in exploring is organizational aids. Life can be very stressful, but it is even more stressful if we are not organized. As a student I can speak for many students that it is hard to keep track of everything we need to do and everything we need to get done. This is worthy of exploration because not only college students need to stay organized but also parents, working people and anyone who does anyhting. Being organized can reduce stress and help you become a more productive person. I find all of these sections important to health and well being, especially being a student.

10 Silly Ideas

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