How to Make 500 Videos on YouTube

I never wanted to be on camera as a child. The few times I was able to see a print copy of photos that were taken of me, I was ashamed. I didn’t know how to be. On camera.

To this day, my mom has a hard time finding pictures of me because over the years I’ve hidden them. (See: circular file.)

So you can imagine her surprise when I took up video creation on YouTube in 2008. Not to mention the fact that I was lifecasting. Which is very similar to what a parent does with a child almost as soon as they’ve entered the world (nowadays, the womb.)

But when you look at my history and exposure to tech, it all really makes sense. My mom was a tech teacher before it was cool. Just a room of iMacs that elementary school kids could use for word processing. OMG I remember when typing took so long.

When it comes to YouTube, it all started with the Schmittastic channel. Daily mundane activity turned into a video journal.

This taught me a lot about community. That if you take something… anything, turn it into a story, and then continue to talk about it with people who support you, you can build a following.

Savvy Sexy Social came in 2011 when I decided I wanted to teach brands how to do this. I left my full-time job in policy and fundraising and started a video blog.

It took a couple years to get to 100 videos. Because any execution on YouTube from a marketer was good execution at this point. And I was extraordinary already because I approached my content like a true YouTuber. Silly. Quick. Actionable.

In 2013, Savvy Sexy Social 2.0 came along with a shiny new schedule of videos 3 days a week with themes that helped the audience predict what they were going to get while also offering them a nice surprise of usable content.

100 videos turned into 200 in less than 8 months and quadrupled my subscribership. Never miss an episode in that schedule again and suddenly you hit 500.

The question I get most often is A) how do you monetize your videos? But the real question they’re asking is B) how do you have time to make so much content when you’re trying to run a business?

So I’m going to answer letter B because that’s how you make 500 videos on YouTube. And it’s also how I’ll make 1000. And then 10000.

I wouldn’t have a business without my marketing platform.

YouTube is that marketing platform for me. The reason why YouTube wasn’t sending me enough business in the first two years is that I didn’t treat it like a serious lead funnel. When I changed the game and made the show a real thing by actually showing up in a way that was work “subscribing” to, YouTube became my biggest revenue driver.

So tell me. If a platform that helps you deliver your message and beat out your competitors is just waiting there for you to use it, are you going to ask yourself “How do we have time to do this?” or are you going to say “When do we get started?”

I hope you get started today.

Watch my 500th episode to learn more about what a Savvy Sexy Social brand really is, according to some of the smartest people I know.