“Your price seems high.”

I’ve never grown to appreciate those words more than I have over the year 2014. Music to my ears.

Sure. It most likely means I’m not going to get the business. But isn’t that what’s fun about being in sales? The challenge?

Because business owners are in sales whether they like to believe it or not. And looking at it that way is much more healthy than letting an instant depression of being a failure creep in. Business is just not going to get done that way.

When you see it as an opportunity to go the extra mile to show why you and your team are worth every penny, why not take on that challenge? Aren’t you worth it? It can only end with good results:

  1. You get the deal.
  2. You don’t get the deal but you’ve integrated conversations through the process that teach you where prospects are held up in the commitment so you can learn how to field them better in the future.
  3. Either way, you brush up on your sales skills and the process of the funnel that you put each prospect through. Everyone can use more practice.

The moment I get someone on the phone who is my ideal client but isn’t quite in the place of being able to sign a contract, I’m excited. They’re not ready to commit to me as much as I’m not ready to commit to them! This is a critical decision in their business AND in mine. If they want to work with me it shouldn’t get started without a clear understanding of how it’s going to help them and the scope of work that will achieve those goals.

This is my opportunity to show off, only making myself better in the process.

Even if I know it’s the longest shot in the world, how will you know what you can do until you learn how to show them?

They may seem like they’re playing hard to get, but they deserve for you to hustle and earn the business. Show them what you’re really worth. That check will seem much smaller.

If you still cringe when you hear “your price seems high”, remember why you chose that number and what will happen when you cut back. Making your business suffer for one opportunity is a great way to set your bar low and ultimately decide the fate of your company.

No one should be suffering when it comes to doing a job well done. Let them know in response that they deserve just that from you and this is how they can make that happen.

(Photo: Death to Stock Photo)