Individual Idea Generation

Individual Idea Generation

How might we utilize hanging storage to make the most of vertical space, especially in small living spaces such as dorm rooms and apartments?

Individual ideas:

New Warm-Up Game

For our new warm up activity, I enlisted the help of my friend Kinaan, who often participates in improv comedy. Together we combined two popular improv games, wordball and playground insults. We would play wordball until someone said an adjective, which would then be used with the last noun said in wordball to fill the prompt “Your (noun) is so (adjective) that…” in an attempt to make a funny insult at the other players.

Session Organization

I chose to hold my brainstorming session in one of the study lounges in my building with several students from my hall. Because I wanted many different perspectives to generate ideas I did my best to vary the participants backgrounds. The session was somewhat chaotic and the ideas were generally only slightly related to hanging storage, but the participants were generating many ideas, coming up with 164 ideas in 20 minutes among 6 people for an average IPM of 1.4.

Sorting and Voting

My method for sorting was the same method we used together in class. I had all my participants silently sort their ideas into unnamed categories, then once everything was placed we discussed the categories names, which in the end were: closet organization, novelty products, ceiling mounted, and hooks. The voting process consisted of each participant of the brainstorming session being permitted to draw 5 stars on what they considered to be the top 5 ideas.

Top Ideas


ndividual Idea Generation — Fri. 19

New Warm-Up Game — Sat. 20

Session Organization — Sun. 21

Sorting and Voting — Sun. 21

Top Ideas — Tues. 24

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