Diversity in Recruiting: Our Second Roundtable Discussion

Austin Schneider
May 25, 2018 · 2 min read

For our second roundtable we took an introspective look at the recruiting process with our partners. We heard from Airbnb, Asana, Clover, GitHub, Google, Pinterest, Quip, Remix, Sequoia, Square and Uber executives who all had their own unique points of view and insights to share. Since we know the some of best innovation can come from sharing data, we’ve got the key takeaways for you right here!

Make Relationships First, Hire Second: When thinking about hiring, we have to remember that candidates are humans, not 1s and 0s. The key to attracting a more diverse, better pool of applicants therefore lies in fostering good relationships and making influential connections. In practice, this means hosting targeted dinners, small events and training sessions designed for specific groups of people like Black Product Managers, Latinx Marketing Leads, and American Indian Designers. These allow organizations to share information about the company in a more casual, personalized setting and make deeper connections with potential candidates — and hey, what’s wrong with having a little fun too!

Build a Better Foundation: Recruiting teams are frequently tasked with finding top executives, but making a conscious effort to hire interns is equally, if not more important. Even if these individuals require extra training and development at the onset, a company’s initial investment in them often returns in full. Not only do interns add tremendous value and a unique perspective to organizations, but hiring a more diverse, junior team helps catalyze change from the bottom up. Some of our partners have also rolled out apprenticeship programs, with the same idea that starting small, can pay off big.

Beware of Growing Pains: Most of our partners have had major company growth spurts and they’ve all agreed that while exciting, this type of growth presents unique challenges for hiring. In an attempt to scale quickly and drive business, it’s easy to become less intentional about who exactly you’re hiring. This specific point in time is crucial though and can have a huge impact on the future diversity of a company. Our partners suggest training recruiters to recognize unconscious biases, having an external moderator join interviews and setting guidelines for each conversation. The bottom line: accountability is key.

The second roundtable’s left us inspired by what we’ve learned and excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned!

For more information on partnership opportunities and how to join the Guild, please contact partners@devcolor.org.

This event was graciously hosted by Uber. We thank them for providing an amazing space and the opportunity to work our way closer to The Guild’s mission: open sourcing diversity.

Austin Schneider

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Account Manager @ /dev/color. Travel enthusiast.

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