12 Key Questions Schools Should Ask Before Hiring an Outsourced Facebook Ads Manager

As a school marketer, you’re probably aware of the huge potential Facebook advertising offers. There’s so much to take into consideration while running the highest-performing Facebook ads campaign possible. It’s not easy to know how to get started and what strategies will work best for your school. Perhaps you’ve run some ads in Facebook already, or maybe you’re just getting started and want an expert to help you through the process.

According to Facebook Business, there are more than 3 million advertisers on Facebook. Many of these advertisers are agencies or freelance marketers that will manage your campaigns for you. You may be looking for someone who can manage your Facebook ads for you but it can be difficult to choose the right fit for your school.

It’s important that you ask the right questions before you hire an agency or freelance professional to avoid a negative outcome.Click To Tweet Here are 12 key questions that I suggest school marketers ask before adding an outsourced Facebook ads manager to the team.

Key Question #1. What experience do you have managing Facebook ads for schools? What types of schools have you worked with?

I recommend finding someone with at least one year of experience. Look for someone that has experience managing ads for other schools or nonprofits.

Key Question #2. How did you learn to manage Facebook ads? What certifications have you completed?

There are various Facebook advertising certifications available, including the Facebook Blueprint Certification. Some formal training is important because you want someone who knows and understands best practices when it comes to managing Facebook ads.

Key Question #3. What types of campaigns do you normally run?

Find out what types of campaigns this person or agency has experience running. You are looking for answers such as conversion campaigns, branding campaigns, traffic retargeting campaigns, etc. Find out if they specialize in a particular type of campaign or if they are well-rounded in the customer journey and leveraging Facebook ads to move people through a marketing funnel.

Key Question #4. What is your overall process for designing, testing and monitoring Facebook Ads?

The Facebook ads professional that you are interviewing should at the very least have a good test plan or system they use to run Facebook ads. They won’t (and shouldn’t have to) give you their entire methodology, but they should be able to describe their overall methods as well as:

  • What to expect during the testing phase
  • How they measure conversions
  • Their familiarity with the Facebook Pixel
  • Their process for split testing based on your niche and the size of your audience
  • Whether retargeting is appropriate for your school

Key Question #5. What types of strategies do you typically use for Facebook ads?

For example, are they open to running ads that start with content and then retargeting those visitors? Are they experienced using video ads and then retargeting based on how long people are viewing the ads? Find out specifically what strategies they have used when managing Facebook ads for schools.

Key Question #6. How much are you spending on ads per month per client? How much revenue are you managing per month overall?

Look for someone who has experience managing campaigns with ad spends similar to the amount you have budgeted.

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Key Question #7. May I see some examples of ads you’ve managed for other schools?

It’s always a good idea to review examples of other campaigns they’ve managed. If they don’t want to share examples, that may be a red flag. A professional Facebook ads manager should have no problem sharing examples of their work with a potential client.

Key Question #8. What was your most successful Facebook ad campaign? What made it successful? Do you think this type of success is replicable?

Look for someone who can give you a reasonable reply to this question. If they feel they can replicate their results, ask them why they think they are replicable. If they don’t think they can replicate their previous results, find out why. This will give you a good idea of how they view the Facebook ads platform and their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Key Question #9. Do you manage Facebook ads yourself, or is there someone else on your team that will be working with our school?

It’s really important that you know up front who will be managing your account. If it’s someone on their team, make sure you find out what type of experience and credentials the team member has.

Key Question #10. Do you have an Ads Rep at Facebook?

While this is not imperative, it’s nice to know the manager has someone they can turn to if they have a question or a concern comes up.

Key Question #11. What is included in your Facebook Ad package?

Find out what exactly is covered in their package and make sure their services and costs are a good fit for your school. Some agencies/managers quote a flat fee, and others do a percentage of ad spend. There may also be a setup fee. If you are spending less than $5-$10K per month then typically the quote is a flat fee per month. Factors to consider include:

  • Set up of the Facebook Pixel (if it isn’t already set up)
  • Custom audience set up
  • Images — how many images are included and how many edits are included in the price?
  • Facebook ad pricing for each ad — how many placements are included?
  • Research — is there an additional fee for initial research?
  • Ad spend — typically this is not included in the fee
  • Reporting — what type of report do you receive and how often?
  • Communication — what type of communication methods are used (i.e. email, phone calls, online meetings, project management tool, etc.)
  • What happens if you terminate the contract early

Key Question #12. Would you be willing to provide the names of 2–3 current or past clients you’ve worked with so I can speak with them about their overall experience working with you?

You want to talk with several people to try to get an idea of what it’s like to work with this person (or team).

Red Flags

Not all Facebook advertising agencies or freelance managers have your best interest at heart. Here are some red flags to look out for:

  • Don’t fall for high-pressure sales tactics that try to get you to sign up immediately. A professional will be willing to give you some time to make a decision.
  • Be careful of any agency that tries to get you to sign up for a contract that is longer than 3 months. While it is in your best interest to continue working with someone longer because it does take time at the beginning to test, optimize and get things running smoothly, you should have a good sense of the skill level and how well things are working within 3 months.
  • Beware of people who try to bedazzle you with lots of jargon and condescending language. While you don’t need to be trained in all aspects of Facebook advertising, they should be able to explain their services and methods in understandable terms.

As a school marketer, I know you have a very busy schedule. However, don’t make the critical mistake of outsourcing your Facebook ads before you at least have a good idea of the knowledge, skills, and abilities a potential Facebook ads manager has before you hire them. Use today’s key questions to determine the best fit for the needs of your school.

Have you hired an outsourced Facebook ads manager? What was your experience? What questions do you recommend other school marketers ask before hiring a Facebook ads manager?

Exclusive FREE Bonus: Download the pdf 12 Key Questions Schools Should Ask Before Hiring an Outsourced Facebook Ads Manager to reference in the future and/or share with colleagues at your school.

Originally published at SchneiderB Media.