My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

The game that I came up with was similar to charades. The only difference was only two people did not know what the word was. Everyone else would act it out for one of the people and they would have to guess what the word was on the sticky note placed on their forehead. They only got 15 seconds to figure out what the word was and after that 15 seconds the other person would get a chance to steal their point if they got the answer right. I called this game Guess or Steal.

Session Organization

My group consisted of students with a variety of different majors that each had creative minds. We met at my house Pi Beta Phi.

The people in my group were:

Ashley: 19, studying child education. Loves kids and volunteers for the Ronald McDonald House.

Sara: 19, studying business and marketing. Tutors kids in math in her spare time.

Hailey: 19, studying nursing and has a little brother who is 5.

Tricia: 20, currently studying business and marketing but thinking about switching and majoring in computer science.

We all played Guess or Steal to start out our session. Sara had a lot of fun playing this game because she is a Carlson student and they are typically use to competition. She was very competitive in this game and strived to get the most points. Ashley was a team player and tried her best to make sure the person trying to get the points succeed at it. She did fairly well in acting out the words for the person guessing.

We then moved on to the important part of this brainstorming session: creating ideas. I gave each person a different colored post-it note. I told them to be as creative as they can. It didn’t matter to me if they were super out of the ordinary ideas because people tend to build off of quirky ideas.

We came up with 28 ideas in 15 min.

Sorting and Voting

I gave different colored stickers to each of the people involved in this session. The colors used were pink, orange, green, blue, and I starred my favorite with pen. With these five stickers they were to choose their top five favorite ideas. We then silently placed each idea in a column. There were eight different columns and we placed each of them without conversing with each other.

The columns we came up with at the end were (from left to right) sports related snacks, soda, fruit snacks, peanut, random, shapes, magical, edible items.

1st Session Top


How Might We…

Problem Statement: Julia a nanny needs a way for kids to learn how to throw things away because she thinks that it would make the world a cleaner place.

HMW Statement: How might we be able to teach kids to properly throw away or recycle packaging from snacks in a fun and creative way?

My HMW Ideas

Session Results

For this second session I decided to use a different group of people. The people I chose are listed below:

Sharon: Age 52, Registered Nurse at Fairview Southdale Hospital.

Patrick: Age 52, Registered Nurse going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Sarah: Age 27, works at Stonearch as an Account Manager.

Valory: Age 21, just graduated from the University of Minnesota majored in Broadcast Journalism and starting on January 12th is going to work for News America Marketing.

This next session was more formal than the first which was more playful. The steps we took in this next session are as listed below:

Step 1: Individually list ideas with a goal to get at least 12 per person in order to move onto the next step.

Step 2: Form pairs to share and compare ideas for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Each pair chooses there best eight ideas throughout both participants.

Step 4: Each pair writes their best eight ideas on a post-it note. One idea per page. The idea should be conveyed using 3–8 words.

Step 5: Each pair shares four of their Ideas and after places them on the wall.

Step 6: The whole group discusses what unnamed category to paces these ideas in.

Step 7: Each pair then shares the two ideas that re least like anything on the wall. As these are shared new categories may need to be added and ideas can be shuffled around.

Step 8: Each pair then shares their last two ideas and these are likely going to fall into one of the already existing categories. To expedite, pairs could present the idea and the symbol of where it should go

Step 9: When all ideas are up, the category symbols should be replaced with titles. This can be outsourced to the team. The titles should be short 3–10 word phrases without verbs.


  1. Math Related
  2. Game
  3. Food Storage
  4. Storage
  5. Nature
  6. Compost
  7. Random
  8. Art
  9. Forms Into Toy
  10. Able To Be Written On

2nd Session Top Ideas