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Hi there, Michael and Amanda here. We help push libraries forward by teaching teams to write and maintain front-ends that intend to grow, designs that work toward goals, and systems that prepare content to go anywhere — because, well, it’s going to go everywhere.

LibUX provides design and development consultancy for user experience departments and library web teams. From rationalizing the design process, working together as a team, sustainable workflow or content strategies, to writing maintainable and performant code. We are super friendly, super competent, and available for work.

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About this site

A couple years ago, we started a podcast called LibUX — as in library user experience — and discovered we had quite a bit to say. We want to push the #libweb forward and this starts by pushing the conversation forward.

The writeups, the podcasts, and the newsletters are made with love on free time under a generous copyleft license. We — Amanda and Michael — work really hard to meet the following deadlines:

  • A new podcast every Monday
  • A new Web for Libraries every Wednedsay
  • A solid article every other week

Our credibility

We have taught four courses (so far), spoke a ton, wrote a half-dozen articles (real ones), fired-up a whole community around lower-case #libux, made some really good — and one award winning — websites.

Originally published at LibUX.