Am I the only one who noticed that all of the links in this article open in a different browser…
Charles Owen

Haha. Good catch. Yyyeah. I am not 100% sure I can control that on, unfortunately. I just went in and edited one of the NN/g links to see if maybe something got lost in translation when this article cross-posted from its original WordPress blog, but it doesn’t look like it.

If I’m missing an obvious setting, let me know.

I stand by the links-should-open-in-the-same-window-[most-of-the-time] philosophy, even if the medium — lowercase — this post gets read on prevents the choice.

I gueeesss you could say, oh, well, this is the _convention_ in the ecosystem of, and if regular Medium-readers expect that then at least it’s consistent — but that leaves a sour taste. I don’t have a very good defense.

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