AWS Kinesis Data Streams — a Tiny CLI Demo

Kinesis Data Streams is a part of the AWS Kinesis streaming data platform, along with Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Video Streams, and Kinesis Data Analytics. For more information please checkout

This demo assumes that AWS CLI is installed and configured.

Step-1 Create a Single Shard Stream

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Step-2 Add a Record to the Stream

Step-3 Read a Record from the Stream

Get the shard iterator for our (single) shard, this represents the position of the stream in a shard to read.

Shard iterators have a lifetime of 300 seconds.

Let us decode the data.

We can also simplify the passing of the shard iterator in bash.

Step-4 Time to Clean Up

Thank you for your time! For more such tiny snippets please follow me. These snippets are from my collection of articles and links I have picked up for my trainings.

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