Kim Jong-un or Scott Pruitt?

When “climate” or “science” is mentioned, Pruitt hides behind his glasses.

A false equivalency — the EPA head and the North Korean dictator — you say? Well, yes, because the EPA’s Pruitt and all the other Trump Administration science-deniers — together with their fossil-fuel lobbyists/campaign contributors/enablers — are on track to ensure that life as we know it will surely end…

Connecting the dots…as writers can’t help but do.

Locomotive that carried Lenin from Zurich, now on permanent exhibit at the Finland Station.

On Saturday, April 15th, Americans will take to the streets — yet again! — to protest Don John Trump. This time, it’s a Tax March. Meanwhile, here in Zurich, a similarly polarizing figure will have my attention:

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin. The following day, April…

Even Everyday Encounters Are Forever Altered

What I wore that day….

“Hello,” he says, as I buckle my seatbelt and tug on the hem of my pencil skirt, now riding up well above my knees. I should have worn leggings. He’s American, I think.

“Guten Tag,” I reply. Maybe he’ll leave me alone.

“Do you speak English?” Head down, he seems…

Forget “Fake News.” The real story is Trump’s incompetence and incoherence.

Behind all the fake, overcompensating bluster, who’s the real and the true Don John Trump? Is he not only faking it as President but even faking it as a man?

Whenever Donald John Trump sees a news story that he doesn’t like, he calls it “fake news.” But what’s really fake is Trump himself.

Trump conveniently “forgets” the inconvenient truth that his election was largely propelled by “real” fake news propagated by him and his co-conspirators, e.g., thousands of Muslims…

Joy Saint James

Postmodern Moll Flanders, adventuress, sinner, explorer, yogani. Recovering prude, former nerd, brainy bimbo. Day job Big Bad Banking. Twitter @ScholarlySlut

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