Scholars Abroad — Learn, Live and Travel

If you’re interested in making a difference as an international volunteer, and we’d love for you to join the Scholars Abroad! We understand that selecting an organization to entrust with your meaningful, impactful, and amazing volunteer experience is a big choice, so we’d love to tell you a bit about what makes Scholars Abroad unique:
  1. Our approach to international volunteering is community-driven and career building. By supporting projects and goals set by the local community, we’re ensuring that your experience is well-meaning, and that you will be addressing those issues that the community believes are most important.

2. Scholars Abroad is a devoted team of development workers, academic researchers, medical experts and nursing professionals around the world. We are committed to building intercultural understanding among young graduates and others who want to learn about the diverse cultural aspects of different countries they visit. Based on our local expertise and knowledge, we tailor travel opportunities to best meet the needs of participants.

3. You’ll be supported from day one. We will guide you in choosing a program that meets your individual goals, and once you’re enrolled, you’ll have the support of your dedicated Scholars Abroad member. And, that support continues in-country and after your experience, with the guidance of an amazing in-country team of professionals and the follow-up of after you complete your project.

Medical Internship in Nepal

4. Your experience is personalized. We know that you have a busy schedule, and we want to make it possible for you to reach your goals as an international volunteer. We have the flexible date throughout the year with your choice of destination and lengths of stay. And, your volunteer work assignment is based on the Scholars Abroad Project that you select.

5. The programs offered by Scholars Abroad are focused on increasing personal capacities and intercultural knowledge that enables participants to engage effectively and appropriately within different cultural settings.

6. Safety and Security is most important competent of Scholars Abroad. Before we process your application for abroad assignment we carefully research about the project destination. We seriously analyze the country’s political and security situation before we send our volunteers and interns abroad. We have a close contact with local government authority, local embassies regarding our volunteer’s safety. Our local staff will provide you information anytime of 24 hours /7 days , and attention to even the smallest details is just some of what we do to make sure that you can focus on our impact in a caring, comfortable, and safe environment.

7. Not sure where to start? Send us email, we are here to answer any questions you might have. Or, check out our website to learn more about your program fee. You can enroll in a program right online to start your Scholars Abroad journey today! 
We are excited to work with you as you begin your journey. The world is waiting for you — are you ready?

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