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Most of time there are so many students in every year program in different type of schools who are not able to understand what teacher is teaching them and that the reason the illiteracy rate of India is increasing. We started a research and find out that the main reason is population which is increasing day by day and there are not sufficient teacher in India. Because of this a single student has lots of issue and a teacher have to handle more than 50 students at a single span of time. And thus a teacher is not able to concentrate on every student and most of them stay untouched with knowledge and when things get tougher to a student. In such condition most of people leave study in very small age and results in increase of ileac rate. Thus to help India and increase the growth rate. We established online education tuition in India and helping lots of parents. So that they would able to help their child in a easy way and make them grow. So what are you thinking of you could make things much simpler and would change everything in your life and for that just visit our site.

We are providing Online CBSE class VI notes because this is the basic class and would change things as this class create the base of students and create big interest in a student’s mind. We are providing free intellectual class IV e v s solution also and on other specific subjects. We want to grow and become a proud face of India. If you are thinking to make a better career for our child than you can take our online test and check the preparation of your child. So that you would have complete idea that how much your child is going to score in next examination.


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