by Martin Shaw

As both a mythologist and wilderness rites-of-passage guide I am frequently asked to comment on climate change, collapsing stories, and what on earth to say to our kids about the future. I am no kind of pundit, so choose my words sparingly and carefully. What follows is a few thoughts.


The real horn being blown at this moment is one some of us simply cannot hear. Oh, we see — the endless television clips of crashing icebergs, emaciated polar bears, and a hand-wringing David Attenborough — but I don’t think we necessarily hear.

Climate change isn’t…

Photo: Bousure / Flickr / Creative Commons

“Sweet love, renew thy force”.
1.Shakespeare, the Sonnets


These are not ordinary times, and that’s why I’m writing.

As the son of a preacher, I was always curious as to how much of your life actually showed up in a Sunday sermon. I’d seen preachers with big black arrows in their chest get up and plough through chapter and verse with no reference whatsoever to what had befallen them. Then, many years later, being subjected to the world of the “spiritual workshop,” I would witness frantic disclosure of life’s low blows, usually relayed in…

Photo: Michele Cannone / Creative Commons

“We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of the world. To make injustice the only measure of our attention is to praise the Devil.” Jack Gilbert, A Brief For The Defence

I am going to say some simple things here as a counsel of delight in the face of fear, and an absolute defence of love. And to keep love as a lintel over head, even as fear shudders its addictive and corrosive and manipulative and damaging way through our communities.

Well fuck that. It’s time for a story.


When we…

Martin Shaw

Dr. Martin Shaw is mythologist, author and storyteller, and founder of the WestCountry School of Myth.

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