Fight looms over 10 extra points for high-poverty schools: Does that provide a “level playing field” or “zero chance” for some?

For years, students asked the School Committee to rename Columbus Day, with limited success. Now Sociedad Latina asks the Committee to go further and fully fund ethnic studies.

First in a series about the proposal to move from an appointed to an elected School Committee

The BPS–BTU agreement sets specific standards. Are they being met?

From a BTU slide deck shown at the meeting with the Citywide Parent Council

“Why, when POC ask for the bare minimum, we are pushed to the side and ignored? Institutionalized racism, that is why.”

The McCormack Middle School, in the center of this image, is slated to merge with Boston Community Leadership Academy to become a 7–12 secondary school. The athletic fields, outlined in red on the left, have been turned over to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester for construction of an indoor facility to which students will have access during school hours, with no guarantees for teams practicing and playing after school. For auditorium programming, students will have to go next door to the Dever Elementary School, at the right.

The health careers high school, with more than 90 percent Black and Brown students, protests placement in an under-sized elementary building

The Edward M. Kennedy School for Health Careers website at

BTU will host its Back-To-School Book Fair September 23–25 at the union’s headquarters building

Education is really a caste system and all children suffer from it.

A class full of children does work in school in this pre-Covid image by CDC on Unsplash

“Politeness as filtered through fragility and supremacy isn’t about manners. It’s about a methodology of controlling the conversation.” — Mikki Kendall, Hood Feminism: Notes from the Woman that a Movement Forgot

Is democracy a “distraction”?

“The sine qua non of citizenship is the right to vote. It’s your voice. Never give it up. People died for that right.” — Jean McGuire, first Black woman elected to the Boston School Committee

Schoolyard News

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