Schoolze Names Dr. Joe Mazza, Head of Educational Innovation & School Leadership

Press Release, Pacific Grove, CA — July 17, 2017

Schoolze, Inc., an ed-tech company dedicated to building two-way family and community engagement partnerships in schools, names Dr. Joe Mazza, Head of Educational Innovation & School Leadership.

Mazza, who is a lecturer at PennGSE (Univ. of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education), has also served as @MCDPEL’s first Leadership Innovation Manager and brings a wealth of educational research and social media experience to Schoolze. Before studying and joining his alma mater as a lecturer, Mazza headed the @MCiLAB (Mid-Career Innovations Lab) and served as a principal at Knapp Elementary since 2007 after 20 years of work as a practitioner in the field.

“Schoolze is working on transforming the way family and community engagement is perceived, assessed and maximized in the schools,” says Mazza. “When Avneesh approached me and explained how Schoolze’s technology can measure and enhance family-community engagement in schools while funding its own initiatives, I was intrigued! We instantly connected at multiple levels! How many times you see an ed-tech product, which is based on research and solves a critical pain point in schools?”

Currently, being a father of four, Mazza has been tying up loose ends at PennGSE and focusing his attention on a new father engagement initiative called MakerDads, where he intends to build into dads, grand-dads and other male role models for school-aged children across the US. More on this traveling iLAB here.

“Bringing Joe to the Schoolze team marks another significant milestone in our journey as we start helping more and more schools across the nation, in making their family-community engagement efforts successful, repeatable & smart.” says founder & CEO Avneesh Kumar. “As a guru of family community engagement and empathy in the schools, he has been teaching those things what we have been building at Schoolze. Having access to an ed-tech thought leader who comes prewired with the intellectual humility and international reach, gives us the means to reach wider and to bake educational research right into our products.”

4 Pillars of Schoolze

Schoolze originally started as a newsletter scheduling web application for a Pacific Grove preschool in 2015 and now has developed into a classroom productivity and family-community engagement platform for schools and PTAs. In addition to productivity & engagement, Schoolze also has launched modules which help schools generate funds from the community and local businesses.

A recently published story on the company & its founder can be found here.

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About Schoolze: Schoolze (, twitter @schoolze) is a Classroom Productivity and Family-community engagement platform with a focus on student achievement & school fundraising. Teachers use 14 productivity features to save time and engage families whereas schools & PTAs use it to build family-community engagement. Upcoming parental advocacy product is targeted to reduce achievement gap and opportunity gap in schools. Founder & CEO Avneesh Kumar can be reached by emailing at