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Cam’s Yellow Jacket Video #1

DPOS Explainer Animation

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) is the lifeblood of the ARK Ecosystem. If there is no consensus, the network is useless. While DPOS is a revolutionary consensus mechanism, it is still not well understood by many people inside the crypto universe, not to mention those outside of it. The intention of this video is to explain in an interesting, and easy to understand manner the benefits of DPOS, how it relates to ARK, and what it means for the average user.

Our DPOS Explainer Animation will be quick and to the point, yet extremely informative and entertaining. The average attention span of those clicking the play button is extremely short, and if you don’t grab them in the first 20 seconds, they’re going elsewhere. This does not mean that we will sacrifice form for function, or that we will place flash before substance; rather we will find a balance between the two, and keep the writing as fast paced and jargon free as possible.

The video will be 90 seconds long, using an animation style similar to that of the “Spider Web” video (which we produced). If you are unfamiliar with that video, please check it out here:

Explainer Animation Produced/Edited by Ryan

In order to keep cost low, there will be no live action footage, meaning the story will be driven entirely by voice over. Once the voice over script is written, we will post it and allow the community to give feedback.


90 Second Animation — $3,000

Voice Over — $250

Sound Design and Mix — $250

TOTAL: $3,500

Wallet Address: AQbzA7zWNW5htDTQtsqdktKm8R5aZhSAqz

We will gladly accept any and all donations sent to the address. The faster the wallet hits $3,500…the faster we can move into production. If you would like to donate to the cause, you are a hero. As an added incentive, we will create credits pages at the end of the video thanking those who donated.

50 ARK — “Special Thanks” page with others who donated that amount.

250 ARK — Your very own dedicated credit page, great for Delegates who want to look super charitable and get a bit of advertising done.

To be added to the credits pages, just send the amount of ARK you would like to donate and enter your name or handle to the smart bridge field in your transaction. If you would like to donate anonymously, more power to you. However, if you would like to help without donating, simply vote for “Cam’s Yellow Jacket” as your ARK delegate. Several people have been screaming for more video content from ARK, and we are going to provide it.

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