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New Year, New Video, New CYJ

If you’ve been following our ARK delegate, you’ll know that we recently completed a round of fundraising for our second video. We are extremely excited for this one, as we are taking a step into uncharted territory by using a style of animation that will set the bar quite high for beautiful and informative videos in the blockchain space. Moreover, by paying homage to Oleg’s sleek and always amazing still frames that accompany each blog post, we will be creating video content that remains true to the current artistic direction of the ARK team.

The video is currently in production, the voice over has been recorded and cut, and the animation team is hard at work. We’re keeping in close contact with them and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it is taking shape so far.

With that in mind we’d like to share a few still frames from the current storyboards. Please keep in mind these are just rough sketches, not a final rendering.

What’s ARK kid up to?
The birth of an ecosystem

Unfortunately, however, this post isn’t all good news. Due to the current state of the market and ARK’s low dollar value, we have decided to amend our voter share from 80% to 75%. We would like to emphasize that at this share rate, the two members of the CYJ delegate are only using 13% of the forging rewards to pay for our server costs, as well as time spent on maintaining a strong node (99.55% productivity at the time of this writing) and creating exceptional video content for the ARK Ecosystem. In other words, we are still keeping much less for ourselves than most public delegates.

Our final payment with an 80% share will take place on Saturday February 2nd, the new payout percentage will be put into place the following week. In addition, we will no longer be requiring a 1 ARK minimum balance for payouts.

We have big plans for 2019 and with our voters’ continued support, we intend to push the envelope for content creation in the cryptosphere. With that in mind, we are excited to get started on our 3rd video which will focus on “Bridgechains” and the issue of scalability. We’ll be releasing more details soon; including a budget, timeline and maybe even some bad ass new art from our friends at The Golden Horde…

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