Video #2 and #3

2019 is flying by, and now that Q1 is nearing its completion there are plenty of great things to look forward to on the roadmap. Our video focusing on the GUI Deployer is nearing completion. The animation is still undergoing some final tweaks, after which we will begin sound design and scoring the project. The current plan to allow for maximum impact and audience participation is to release it when the ARK team finishes the Deployer.

As we wrap up the finishing touches on Video #2, it is time to look ahead to our next project. Our initial idea for Video #3 was “Bridgechains: Providing Value and Scalability to the Ecosystem.” However, we feel that this may be a bit premature at the current moment in time. We are hesitant to move forward with a new project due to the impending release of the revised Whitepaper. We feel (hope) that Whitepaper v2 will lay out the vision and grand design of the team and what the future will bring, and therefore any script we write prior to reading said Whitepaper is in danger of being at best outdated, and at worst flat out wrong.

One thought we’ve been kicking around is to have the next video focus entirely on the new whitepaper. As we all know, some people just don’t like to read, and would have their attention held much better by an entertaining video. With that in mind, it may be possible to boil down the major points in the new whitepaper into a “whiteboard animation.” However, we just won’t know until the whitepaper is released.

So the TLDR here is that we are waiting for the new whitepaper before making any moves on a new video. However, we’d like to reach out to the community and see if they think this is the right approach. Please let us know your thoughts by leaving comments on this blog, hitting us up on Slack (yellow_rubber_jacket and cam (cams_yellow_jacket)) or Reddit (yellow_rubber_jacket and cambo666).

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