Push Button Blockchains

For our second video, we are going to tackle what we feel is the linchpin in the ARK Ecosystem: Push Button Blockchains. The internet has fundamentally changed our lives and the way we do business. It is quite difficult to imagine what life would be like without it, as it touches nearly every single interaction we have on a daily basis. Blockchain technology has the potential to be just as revolutionary. However, in it’s current form, the barrier of entry is too high, and thus it is underutilized.

Today, anyone with access to the internet and a few extra dollars to spare can design and deploy a fully functional website within minutes. Thanks to tools like WordPress and Squarespace, everyday users with little to no technological proficiency can wield the full power of the internet. With Push Button Blockchains, ARK will fulfill that same function in the blockchain space.


We’re going to do things a bit differently with this budget…and it may seem complex, so bear with me. We have three budgets, one for a basic 90 second animation in the same outline style as our first video. The second budget is a stretch goal. If this goal is reached we will produce a 90 second video using an isometric design style (similar to Oleg’s awesome still-frames we all know and love) with the hoodie wearing “ARK Kid” as the main character. The third stretch goal will be for a two minute isometric animation featuring ARK Kid.


90 Second Outline Animation — $3,000

Voice Over — $250

Sound Design and Mix — $250

TOTAL: $3,500


90 Second Isometric Animation — $6,000

Voice Over — $250

Sound Design and Mix — $250

TOTAL: $6,500


120 Second Isometric Animation — $7,000

Voice Over — $250

Sound Design and Mix — $250

TOTAL: $7,500


Much like our first video, we will be accepting donations and offering incentives for any generous soul who is willing to donate. If you would like to donate, or to monitor the wallet, you can do so here:

Wallet Address: AQbzA7zWNW5htDTQtsqdktKm8R5aZhSAqz


50 ARK: “Special Thanks” credits page with others who donated that amount. Simply add your name or handle to the “smartbridge” field in your transaction.

250 ARK: Your very own dedicated credit page, great for Delegates who want to be charitable and get a bit of advertising done. Same as above, add your name to the “smartbridge.”

400 ARK: Your pick of one of The Golden Horde’s amazing “ARK The Movie” design series prints. You can choose either “From The Depths of Doom” or “The Chase.” Prints are 16"x12" and come in a solid black frame.

From The Depths of Doom
The Chase

500 ARK: Same scene, different color scheme. For 500 ARK, you will receive the Day Variant of “The Chase”. Prints are 16"x12" and come in a solid black frame.

The Chase (Day Variant)

800 ARK: Your choice of any two prints. Prints are 16"x12" and come in a solid black frame.

1,000 ARK: One large print of either “From The Depths of Doom” or “The Chase” (either original or Night Variant). Large prints are 36"x24" and come in a solid black frame.

In order to cover the cost of the prints and their shipping, $70 worth of ARK will be sent to TGH for each 16x12 print, and $130 for each 36"x24" print. The remainder will be kept as a donation in the video wallet fund.

If you wish to receive one of the art pieces above via a donation there are some steps you should take in order to prove the authenticity of your wallet so that TGH can send the artwork to you correctly. Follow these steps:

  1. Please use one of these contact details to get in touch with Colby from TGH: @Colby (The Golden Horde) on Slack, admin@goldenhorde.io via email, u/oZanderhoff on Reddit or get in touch via the Medium article and we can relay your details to Colby. This is important as it ensures that the print gets sent to the correct person.
  2. Colby will supply you with a Smart Bridge code, that you must include with your donation to the video fund, this is so that we make sure no one tries to spoof a donation and pose as someone they are not. Let Colby know once you’ve sent the donation through and we can verify.
  3. Once verified, Colby will get back in touch to arrange delivery and shipping details and liaise with you on the shipping times and updates.
  4. Last but not least, sit back and wait for your awesome art work to arrive safe at your location!


Because we are implementing stretch goals, we need to have a cutoff date. On January 1, 2019 we will move forward with production. The video that we make will be entirely dependent on the amount of ARK raised by that date. Any funds that are leftover will be kept in the wallet and put toward the budget for video # 3.

In addition, since the last video was funded so quickly, we are instituting a donation cap of 1,000 ARK on the wallet until December 1st. Any amount over 1,000 ARK will be sent back to the sender. In this way, we will give any community members who want to get their hands on the “ARK The Movie” prints an opportunity to do so. On December 1st, the limit will be lifted, and any and all donations will be accepted.

As always, a big thank you to our voters for making this all possible. If you would like to see more high quality video content being produced to promote the ARK Ecosystem, vote for Cam’s Yellow Jacket as your ARK delegate.

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