Exclusive Art for CYJ Voters

The Golden Horde Brings You “From The Depths of Doom”

It is with great pleasure that we unveil a piece of exclusive art that has been in the making for some time. Thanks to our very generous and always badass friends of The Golden Horde, voters of Cam’s Yellow Jacket will now be eligible to receive this amazing print:

From the Depths of Doom

The only way to get your hands on “From The Depths of Doom” will be to vote for Cam’s Yellow Jacket as your ARK delegate. Our voters will receive this piece as a reward for donating at least 500 ARK to the video escrow budget for our next video. Since our current video is fully funded and we are moving into production, this reward will go into effect when we release our next budget outline. More details on how exactly that will work will be released in the near future.

In addition, every month we will raffle off one print sized at 16"x12" for any voter who fulfills two criteria:

  1. You have a voting weight of at least 2,500 ARK
  2. You have been voting for CYJ for at least one month.

However, since there is only one week left in October, we will be waving these requirements and raffle off one print to a lucky CYJ voter on Halloween. You must be a CYJ voter and have a voting weight of 1K ARK or more to be eligible.

The best part is, this will not be the last piece in the exclusive “ARK The Movie” design line. The fine fellows of The Golden Horde already have two more planned (of course it’s a trilogy!): “The Chase” and “The Drums of War”…and if they’re anywhere near as cool as this first piece, we can barely wait to see what they look like!

If you have any questions, or want some more info or details, please reach out to us on Reddit or Slack.

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