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The Future For CYJ

The importance of video content

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, video content is one of the most important forms of marketing a company can engage in. Attention spans are lower than ever, and without having to think twice, we all know what TLDR means…because most people don’t bother reading.

High quality video content, on the other hand, is being consumed on a massive scale. Some quick statistics from YouTube:

  • The average length of mobile viewing sessions is 40 minutes, up more than 50% year over year.
  • The number of hours people spend watching YouTube is up 100% year over year.
  • Viewers respond positively to long-form content from brands. The average length of the top ads that made YouTube’s 2015 year-end leaderboard was about 3 minutes.

Voting for us will ensure that quality video content is being created on a regular basis, helping to spread the word about ARK and on-boarding new users who are just as excited about the project as we are.

The Future

While we currently share 80% of our forged rewards with our voters, this number will rise as the price of ARK rises. Moreover, if ARK reaches anywhere near it’s previous all time high value, we will be able to produce videos on a monthly basis. With that in mind, we’d like to share some of our ideas for future videos.

  • Meet The Team: A documentary style short series à la “Chef’s Table” featuring various members of the ARK team. Through interviews and verité footage we will learn team members back stories, day to day duties, and (most importantly) their overall vision for ARK and how it fits into a decentralized future.
  • Powered By ARK: These pieces would be shot in a similar style to the “Meet The Team” series, but instead of focusing on team members, they will focus on projects or people using ARK to bring their vision to life. This series will highlight the power of the ARK Ecosystem, and inspire others to dive in and work towards creating something new, exciting and useful.
  • Event Coverage: Similar to the Consensus NYC 2018 video we shot this year, we feel covering these events and giving the community a little “backstage pass” is something we should do whenever possible. Most importantly, it is our goal to cover a couple “Hackathons” in 2019 and really dive into what exactly these events are like.
  • Animated Puzzle Pieces: Continuing with our animated series, we will highlight specific points that make ARK the next-level project that it is. Some topics include Scaling, Bridgechains, ACES, ARK VM, Point Click Blockchain etc.

In short, a vote for us is a vote for continued and sustainable (it costs the team nothing) professional video production. We look forward to an amazing 2019!!

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