Nancy MacLean Owes Tyler Cowen an Apology
Russ Roberts

i’ve rarely read such an intellectually dishonest/dishonorable ‘defense’ of poor scholarship and deliberate misrepresentation….ms maclean clearly practices the sort of post-modernist chutzpah that would have her declare herself a ‘victim’ of societal oppression as an ‘orphan’ after she had cold-bloodedly dispatched her parents (because, you know, through the totality of their words and actions, they had it coming…)

that said, i’m hoping the happy byproduct of her ‘scholarship’ — sorry! — is that more people read tyler cowen and james buchanan….anyone who spends even a few moments reading their works/words will realize ‘professor’ maclean has committed a fraud….but let’s be honest here: should we be surprised? no…

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