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I’ve been making money online for years and there is a simple approach that has really set me up well. I actually discovered it years ago on Ezinearticles. It was posted by somebody who I admired at that time, before I had even made a dime myself. This approach also gives a good idea as to whether a particular market is worth getting into to make money.

Create a landing page. 
This may also be known as a squeeze page. It’s where you will give away something for free in exchange for the web visitors email address. If you don’t have any content to share of your own and don’t want to make any, then take an article from Ezinearticles and be sure to give the writer the credit by using their bio box. Go to Aweber and set up an account, this is going to capture your email addresses. Create a website on and integrate the form from Aweber.

Select products to sell. 
Now go along to and take a look at the products that are on offer in the marketplace. Select 3 or 4 of them to sell that are in your chosen niche. You’ll need to create emails to go with each of these products, so be sure to take notes from the sales page.

Get quality articles from 
Now you’ll need to get a few articles that you are going to paste into your Aweber account. You’ll have to mention the author again by adding their bio line. Now load up your emails and articles into the Aweber account. Put one set for each of the products that you have chosen.

Send traffic to your new site. 
It’s essential to get visitors onto your website so that people can see what you have to offer. Without these people you won’t be selling anything. A quick and easy way to start building your traffic is to go to a forum in your niche and start posting answers to questions. Be very helpful and you will gain respect from your new contacts and they’ll go through to your site. Be sure to put a link to your page within your forum profile signature. Then you could go to and post a few articles about your niches. Visit a few Facebook pages and tell people about your new site.

You won’t get rich right away with this method, but you have got a very good chance of selling something. The vendors on Clickbank spend years perfecting their sales messages and they are generally very good at them.

I made my first few hundred dollars using this technique and I still use it to test how well I might do within a new niche.

If you are not too sure about the details of this technique, but are very interested in learning how to make money online, then may I suggest that you invest in a step-by-step course that will guide you through the whole process so that you will soon be making money online.

Andrew Holtom is an experienced and accomplished online marketer and enjoys helping newbies to start and grow their own business, through to making money online. Grab yourself a free 94 page guide to starting your own online business, visit for immediate download.

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