There are four phases of SEO called Pre-site Activity, On-Page Activity, Off-Page Activity and Post Site Activity. In Four phases of SEO On-Page Optimization is most important task to get better rank in Search Engine. On page means to do the activities over the web page like meta tag, tittle tag, h1-h6 tag, alt text , robot.txt, sitemap etc optimization. To Perform this task basic knowledge of HTML is essential.

Important HTML Tag for On-Page Optimization:

1. <TITLE> Tag: Title tag is used to decide the title of a individual web page. It is the most primary tag in SEO for indexing of a page in search engine. Any search engine while crawling first look for title and decides the position according to targeted keywords. The maximum length of title should not exceed 53 characters.

2. Meta Description Tag: This tag gives the description of particular title or a web page to convince the user about that page to click and visit. Meta description display just below the title in organic SEO search results. This tag however is not so important for page ranking but still its mandatory to give. The length of the description should be between 150–160 characters.

3. <H1> Tag: H1 tag is used to give heading on web page. Per page only one H1 tag is allowed and by giving the keyword in H1 increases the chances of better position in SERP.

4. <H2> Tag: H2 tag defines sub heading for better organizing the content and proper layout. Using both targeted and long tail keywords adds extra benefit in organic search results.

5. <H3> Tag: This is used for further giving sub sections to sub headings. Use H3 for useful links only and try to keep heading for text content.

6. REL=”Canonical” Tag: It deals with duplicate content. If two website link having duplicate content than the duplicate page is marked as Canonical to the original . Such tags are often used for e-commerce websites. This is a part of HTML head of a web page. Making a page canonical prevents it to be penalized by the search engines.

7. Link REL=”NoFollow”: It tells the search engine not to follow links on this page or do not follow this particular link.

8. IMG ALT Text Attribute: By using Alt tag for targeted keywords increases the value of a web page for organic results. Image Alt attributes promote results in Google image search results.

All these tags are implemented in websites made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or in other coding platform. But if website is built using CMS like word press than all these tags are in built in a plugin called Yoast SEO. All above are set in a website without programming knowledge using Yoast SEO plugin.

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