India has emerged as the biggest call center service provider because of the large workforce available and high quality services. Call centers are basically setup for providing support services to customers for when they buy any product from the company. While using any device, there are times when you require troubleshoot guidance for making it work. In such times, you can dial the customer care service and they will provide you with a dedicated support staff for rectifying the issue. Managing this system with just manual workforce can slow down the progress. Thus, by automating all the work, you will be able to increase the efficiency and cut down the manual labor cost as well.

A predictive dialer is used when there is a need to dial a long list of numbers which may or may not be prospective clients. Organizations majorly use them to advertise about their products to customers. They find a list of customers who might be interested in their services and then assign dedicated resources per list for calling them and letting them know about the company. This task can be done in two different ways. Either you can achieve this by doing it manually i.e. calling each and every number from the list one-by-one or you can automate the process by using a predictive dialer.

A dialer can be provided with a list of numbers to be called and then it will start the process to dial every number and notify the resource only when there is an active person on the other end. This saves a lot of time for the resource and they will not have to dial and wait for every call. There are basically three types of predictive dialers- Hosted Predictive Dialer, VoIP Predictive Dialer and Web Based Predictive Dialer. These devices are programmed with algorithms which have the capacity to run different active calls simultaneously and select only those calls which are live.

There basic aim is to avoid any type of time delay in the calls and connect the resource as soon as someone is live on the other side. The more advanced versions of these dialers have the capability to handle time zones, multiple calls, “do not call list” numbers, etc. A call center must have that system which is fully equipped and can serve to almost every situation without any hassle. Among all the dialers, a VoIP dialer is regarded the highest because it is highly efficient and runs as a piece of software which can be easily installed and operated with the help of internet.

Allowing this dialer in your call center solutions, you can save money on buying expensive and high-end equipments. Since it works as software, therefore, the operational cost is minimized and all you need is just an internet connection. The continuous improvement in technology has allowed for less complications and more flexibility by reducing the number of equipments and streamlining of all the processes. The dialers can also be categorized as soft, hard and intelligent dialers. For more information about the services and different brands, you can search over the internet for relevant keywords.

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