This article is going to be short and sweet; this is about making the most amount of money with the most profitable affiliate programs.

Have you heard of the term “Residual Income” or “Recurring Income”?

If not, it’s a term that’s used by people in MLM or Network Marketing (same thing different verbiage) when they are presenting their business opportunities.

Both these terms mean you’re doing the work once and getting paid over and over again.

This is how MLM’ers make their long term money and that’s how you as an affiliate marketer will be making your long term money.

First, let’s look at what most affiliates are doing. I want to show you what separates the average affiliate that’s making little or zero money to the ones that are living their financial dreams.

The Super Affiliate.

Don’t worry if you’re doing the same things as everyone else is right now, after reading this report that will all change and you will become a SUPER AFFILIATE!!

Typically, the average Affiliate Marketer heads off to Click Bank or Commission Junction and searches for products that they want to promote.

They look for products that offer high commissions, 50% or better. Heck, if you’re going to do this you might as well make as much money as possible right?

Side note: When you choose a product to promote, it’s far easier to promote something you have an interest or basic curiosity about, not something you know nothing about.

I like hiking, so promoting products and services about hiking is easy for me because it’s something that gets my juices flowing. (Sorry if I just gave you a bad visual)

However, if I was trying to promote products and services about quilting something I know absolutely zero about and have no interest in learning anything about.

But I started promoting this affiliate anyway just because it had a high commission available I would probably have only moderate success, simply based on the fact it holds zero interest for me.

Ok, moving on…

Now that you’ve found the products and services you want to promote, you’re off to the races marketing these affiliates.

When you make a sale, you make a commission. However, you only make the one commission for that one sale. You have to start the process all over again.

One sale and one earned commission.

One sale and one earned commission.

One sale and one earned commission.

Wow, sounds like a lot of work to do over and over and over.

Why only make one sale and one commission why not take a page for all those MLM’ers and make residual income?

All you need to do is start promoting affiliate products or services that offer recurring commissions.

And these affiliate programs would be Membership Sites.

For example:

– Dating sites 
– Online gyms 
– Personal trainers 
– Internet Marketing 
– Business in a box 
– Self Improvement 
– Cooking 
– Advertising 
– And so on….

None of your marketing efforts or advertising strategies changes when promoting membership sites, the only thing that will change is your income.

Let’s look at some basic math and let’s start getting YOUR juices flowing. (my turn for that visual)

I’ll be the average affiliate marketer and you will be the Super Affiliate.

ME: I’m promoting a product that sells for $ 27, and I get a 50% commission for each sale $ 13.50. And in my first month I make 100 sales, so I have earned $ 1350.00.

YOU: You’re selling a product that has the same price tag of $ 27, you get the same commission for each sale $ 13.50, you sell just as many in the first month as I do (100) and you make the same amount of money $ 1350.00.

So far no big deal, were making the same money all is well and we are both decide to start looking at that new car.

Now month two rolls around and here’s where the difference is.

And I mean a BIG TIME difference.

ME: Let’s say I am a good marketer and I sell another 100 items. This means I make another $ 1350.00 in my second month. Not bad most people would jump at making that kind of money online.

However, here is we separate the average affiliate (me) and the Super Affiliate (you).

YOU: You’re a good marketer too and you also sell another 100 items and make another $ 1350.00 in your second month. Not bad good on you (golf clap).


Don’t forget about the first 100 people you sold last month. You also get paid from those sales which means you have another $ 1350.00 coming to you.

Plus the $ 1350.00 you made this month, you have made a total of $ 2700.00 for your second month.

Let’s keep with this sales theme where we both make 100 sales per month.

I will keep earning ONLY $ 1350.00 per month.

However the smarty-pants you are. You will be ADDING $ 1350.00 to your monthly income.

Month three your income is now $ 4050

Month four your income is now $ 5400

Month five your income is now $ 6750

Month six your income is now $ 8100

Are you staring to get the picture?

Because I am not promoting affiliate programs with recurring commissions, I only made $ 1350.00 in my second month, and $ 1350.00 in my third, and $ 1350.00 in my fourth and so on and so on.

Because I’m an average affiliate marketer my income does not increase each month.

Now with that said obviously I can increase my income each month. All I need to do is sell more or promote more then one product or service.

Nevertheless, I have to do this over and over again just to maintain my monthly income of $ 1350.00 or to better it. But you will ALWAYS have a head start each month, because your income is recurring.

Now the example I gave was us living in a perfect world where everyone that is paying for their monthly membership dues will continue to do so month after month.

Well this is not true, people drop out of programs everyday. Therefore, the chances are those first 100 people you were paid on in the first month will probably be less in the second month.


Even if half of them do not continue with their membership dues, that’s still 50 people giving you an addition $ 675 head start on month number two. Where in month two I’m starting at zero, I have no head start.

No matter what math you use, promoting affiliate programs with recurring commission are the absolute best and most profitable programs to promote.

Side Note: One of the resources I use to find affiliates is Click Bank. When you’re searching for affiliates in the click bank marketplace, under the results is a list of information regarding each affiliate, simply look beside “Future $ “ if there’s no dollar amount there the affiliate offers no recurring commission. If there is a dollar amount they do.

To Your Success 
Leo Emery.

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