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AGAM uses effective risk management by using data analysis and modeling for quantitative investments, choosing undervalued stocks in the marketplace at the time of purchase that have potential for near-term appreciation
 Questra Holdings exists since 2009!
 Questra is active in various investment segments.
 These include auctions, real estate trading and the purchase and sale of securities on the stock exchange (IPO).
 Company Facts:
 — Registered and licensed company in Spain
 — CGS Certificated
 — since 2009 in the European market
 — over 150 employee
 — 4% — 6% every week for 365 days
 — interesting partner program
 — transparent company
 The company Questra Holdings has since 2009 successfully on the market, then still under the name SFG Group.
 The company is very successful in various fields such as auctions ,property trading and companies on IPO accompanied ( IPO ). So Questra Holdings example, was involved in very reputable companies such as Facebook , Tesla, Alibaba , Univar or TransUnion .
 Questra Holdings offers individuals around the world in the form of a unique business model, the opportunity to benefit from their years of experience to realize his personal dreams and desires.
 Questra World
 Addresses: Calendula, 93 Edificio E 28109, Moraleja, Madrid, Spain
 28046 Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana 9, floor 3, office C
 Telephone: +3491 18 76 775, +34 910 840 308, +34 910 837 762, +34 910 602 885, +34 632 915 480
 Website: &
 Sweat-Digital give AGAM a 100% Rating
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Questra World
Questra World

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 Questra World offers people like you a unique business model, as well as the opportunity to benefit from their years of investment experience across the globe. In this way, Questra has helped countless number of people to realize their dreams and desires.
 88% of the direct business involved are profitable. Questra World managers are talented investors, who generate millions of profit on behalf of members and investors each and every month.
 There were over 100 new offices were opened in 2016 alone, and many more opening in 2017 so far. This growth demonstrates that Questra World is one of the fastest growing companies in the Europe right now!


In Questra, the average profit share is between 4 and 6%, depending on the portfolio you have. With the acquisition of a portfolio, you can buy at Questra World Manager Services you will receive a return of 52 x. Your investment runs for 365 days after which time your purchased portfolio will expire. The profit shares are paid weekly (every Friday night) via a credit into your account.. This profit sharing can either be withdrawn, or reinvested into new portfolios to increase your weekly profits. There is also the possibility to upgrade your portfolio to the next, higher level. Let’s say, for example, you own three White portfolios, each for 90 euros. These could be combined to form a Yellow portfolio for the value of 270 euros.

Questra World

My Experience with Atlantic Global Asset Management Form Questra World
 Questra Event London

Questra World - Shaun schoeman

Questra Event London

Questra World - Shaun schoeman

Questra Event London

Questra World - Shaun schoeman

Atlantic Global Asset Management by Questra World

Atlantic Global Asset Management Reviews — The Products

The best advice I can give anyone looking for a extra income stream. Is to do your own investigation into the company you are going to team up with.
 Also, look careful at reviews; try and go to an event if possible. Speak to people that is already involved and making money. Money they have withdraw.
 Start with an investment you are comfortable.
 How does Questra World work?

The revenue comes from the trading, specifically from security transactions and IPOs (accompanied by companies listed on the stock exchange).

As an investor, all you need to do is invest in one of the eight portfolios, listed on the home page. This investment, along with all of the other investments from members across the world is then traded highly qualified and experienced managers. This way, risk is minimised.

How does Questra World work with Trading Capital?

The trading capital works with simple principles — each investment portfolio by Questra (subdivided into colours) generates daily yield. The higher he invested usage, the higher the rate of return.

Where is Questra World located?

Questra World Headquarters is located in Murcia, Spain. If you like, you can pay them a visit!

As of 11th April 2013, Questra was registered in the British Virgin Islands. Originally known as Questra Holdings, the company has seen rapid growth and is now known as Questra World.

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Questra Holdings marketing plan
Questra World
Questra World
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