What’s the purpose of the headline?

That’s right…to grab your reader’s attention. Without that, there’s no point in wasting time on the remainder of your sales letter or other copy.

However, once you’ve mastered how to create a compelling headline, learning how to write a strong sales letter lead that gets your reader’s attention is the single most important part of your marketing message.

You see, the power of a winning lead is that it creates a personal bond with your reader. …

Believe it or not, freelance writing can be considered as one of the BEST methods available to the people in today’s world to make money online. But where do you find these writing jobs? Apart from the regular Problogger and Blogging Pro job boards and constant LinkedIn outreach, following are a few best places to find freelance writing jobs. Then you will be able to put your writing skills to work and keep on making money.

freelance writing sites in 2018
freelance writing sites in 2018

Below mentioned are some of the most effective places available for you to discover freelancing writing jobs.

  1. iWriter — iWriter can be considered as…

There you are, standing alone on a pulpit in front of hundreds of “strangers” staring at you. “Speak!” you tell yourself but your throat feels knotted. Your palms start sweating, your eyes shift from one end of the room to the another, you begin stammering and yes! game over, my friend.

The ghost of public speaking has got you down yet again. But you are not alone.

Let me tell you the story of someone, someone who you might recognize. Let’s call him XYZ for now.

XYZ was a shy 18-year old when he made his first voyage to England…

Frankly, speaking this action was a warranted one.

Aggressive and abusive email marketing tactics had become quite rampant and even I, from a consumer’s point of view, used to get irritated with the flurry of messages being bombarded from all corners of the web.

Previously, it was the Nigerians we would blame it upon.

But a time came when it seemed the whole internet community was out to get you in your inbox.

Seriously marketers, would you learn the Art of Email Marketing from this article first, please?

So, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is nothing but giving back…

Dear mother,

I don’t have any words for you.

Seriously, because no words could justify your magnitude of your selfless love and unbiased tenderness.

I am part of you, but I am your world, and you are mine.

I am of your blood and flesh, and I am proud of that.

That when God ascertained one guardian who could take his place, to nurse me, to nurture me and to raise up to become the one I was meant to be, to be one with God himself, he chose you, an effigy of God himself.

You were the mountain that…

Gold diggers out there, I am speaking to you.

You love money, right?

Even I do.

Trust me, I was born into a poor family, I mean, really poor. My father worked in a mill — which was on the verge of closing but somehow managed to stay afloat — and my mother worked as a house maid.

They worked almost every hour of every day of every week in a year.

They looked weary and worn out.

too tired of gold diggers
too tired of gold diggers

Yet they carried on. Do you know why?

…to allow me to finish my school, and get a well-respected job.

…to give…

That’s great decision you took, you know — not lagging behind competition.

When most of your friends can flaunt it, why the hell would you not? Come on, you know your assets are far, umm…let’s say, irresistible than theirs are, right? You admire your beautiful, curvaceous anatomy in front of your bathroom mirror every day. So?

Finally, you made up your mind.

Let’s beat them at their own game.

Now, you are talking, babe.

But whoa!

Do you know that duck face is really making your look stupid?

And yes, lose that silly comb from your hand?

Look, you intend…

Something seemed so wrong.

Blake bent down.

Nope! It’s still the same.

He looked around. Her mother’s there at a little distance. He is hanging the clothes on the rope outside.

He snapped back again towards the thing he was looking at.

It’s still there.

How can it be?

Nothing like this has he ever seen before. What in God’s name is that? It’s so weird yet so beautiful.

He touched it once. It seemed so soft, wait, almost mushy. Like a small lump lying lonely in the middle of a barren field.

He touched it again. This time, a…

I used to wake up at 4 A.M. and start sneezing, sometimes for five hours. I tried to find out what sort of allergy I had but finally came to the conclusion that it must be an allergy to consciousness.

— James Thurber

What are allergies?

It’s just so common that we forget to ask it often.

This article puts it in a softer way, “…allergy sufferers have immune systems that mean well, but are a little over-reactive, releasing chemicals like histamine to get rid of normally harmless substances called allergens.

Histamine triggers the body to push the allergens out…

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Ron C

Copywriter. Thinker. Dreamer

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