Burnt Out

Last week in one of my classes my professor asked the class how we were all doing and informed us (since it’s an all freshmen class) that this was usually the time in the semester where students hit a wall and started losing their motivation. At the time I didn’t really take in this fact since I felt fine and didn’t have a problem with going to classes and doing my homework. This week though, it hit me.

I’m leaving my dorm later and later to go to my classes. I am putting off homework and waiting to study more than I should. I find myself watching one too many episodes of a show on Netflix because I think I can put off my work for another twenty minutes. I’ll come back from my 8 a.m. classes and lay in bed and scroll through social media instead of being productive. And sadly, I’ve been seriously lacking on going to the Rec Center to exercise. It’s not just me who is feeling this either. I’ve talked to some of my friends and they also are feeling the lack of motivation to do things for school and are feeling the stresses of life as a young adult. It’s putting my mind in a bad place and making me question if all of the stress and work is really worth it.

While procrastinating one day, I came across a video on YouTube about tips for dealing with burn out and I thought it was very relevant to how I was feeling and those who commented on the video related to the video as well. Thomas Frank describes how burn out can be defined, the symptoms, and tips to either prevent it or if that’s too late, help get over burn out. I thought that it was a good video because it’s comforting to know that someone who’s not in college anymore knows how you’re feeling and that it gets better and there is ways to help.

Here is the link to the video-

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