This past week in class, the discussion consisted of identities and what people identified as. Looking into it deeper I was able to realize what I identified as and what ones were more important to me than others. Now that I’ve started college these identities have come into play even more. I can’t think of many disadvantages my identities would present other than that there’s many other people who share the same identities making me not super diverse compared to some of my peers. I won’t bond over my culture or ethnicity and make friends that way the way that some people have the opportunity to do. There are advantages however. For example, since I’m in the social class of middle class I can afford doing things that are more on the expensive side making my college experience different from some other peoples’. Also I have a strong relationship with my family so I know they’ll support my decisions when it comes to choosing a major and what I want to pursue in college. Because I’m able I will have the chance to do more physical activities such as volunteering and being more active. I think that just knowing your identities and who you are because of them puts you in a more confident position than others who aren’t aware of their identities. You’re able to feel more of a purpose for going on to higher education and being at the U. Even for me, who is completely undecided on a major, I do still feel a purpose for being in college even though I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Knowing my identities and where I’m coming from and how I can connect with others around me is comforting. I know I’m going to be able to thrive here and eventually figure out what my path in life is going to be.

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