Week 9

This week was an interesting week for me. To start off with, on Monday I had a required meeting with my freshman writing teacher to go over my annotated outline for the research paper we have to write for our final paper. I will admit I was intimidated at first walking to her office just because I feel she just knows a lot more and writing is something I like to do and I didn’t want to meet with her and be criticized on something that I enjoy doing. When I got to her office though and we began talking I felt a lot more comfortable and it was a completely different setting than in the classroom and it had a whole different vibe to it. I feel more confident with how I’m doing in the class and now I’m not intimidated to back to her office hours and ask for some help or reassurance and also to be able to learn more and take full of advantage of what my teacher is able to teach me. I feel like teachers like to help their students succeed, that’s part of their jobs and students don’t take advantage of it nearly enough as they should. I’m looking forward to also attending my Spanish professor’s office hours as well because I feel like meeting with your teachers for help also allows you to get to know them better and they get to know you better as well.

Another thing that happened this week is still not resolved. Three girls on my floor in my residence hall and I were planning on living together next year in an apartment. We toured some places in Dinkytown and were decided on an option. But then one of the girls asked if one of her friends on her rowing team could live with us too and that they’d share a room. That would have been more expensive for us though and we didn’t even know this girl. So, Wednesday night we discussed the issue and it turned out that one of them couldn’t afford the place we were planning on living so she had to back out and now we are in the search for a forth person and it’s very stressful. I think that it’s unfair to have to look for a place to live so early still in the year as freshmen. We have only been in college for a few months and still continue to make friends and to basically make us figure out where we are going to live the next year and who we are going to live with is wrong. It adds to the stress adjusting to college, keeping up with classes, and worrying about midterms. We have enough on our plate without even thinking about where we are going to live next year. Yes, the dorms are always an option, but for me I’m already sick of the dorms and having to share a bathroom with all the girls on my floor.

This week had its highs and lows but it’s all a part of the freshman experience. Yes, there may have been a minor meltdown while trying to study for a Spanish exam. There may have been times when I knew I should be doing homework but Netflix won the decision. I should have made time for exercising more and not have procrastinated so much on certain homework, but it’s a learning process. I haven’t perfected my time management yet, but I’ll eventually get there. Some days are stressful and I don’t get enough sleep, but sadly that’s college and I knew that coming in and I’m going to take anything it throws at me.

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