Utilizing Advisors

While eating dinner with my friends the topic of meeting with our advisors came up. Many of my friends mentioned that they felt that their advisors did not know what they were talking about and they found talking to them was useless. I have also heard this from my roommate who said the nursing school advises students to use the nursing school advisors instead of the ones that the college assigned to them. I found this really interesting because I really like my academic advisor and I felt she was really helpful when I met up with her. This is also perplexing because while I was talking to my friends I mentioned the advise my academic advisor gave me. She advised me to get as many required courses done first before I focus on taking all the courses in my major. It is hard to decide who is right and who is wrong in this situation but in the end I decided that my academic advisor is there for me to help me find the right classes and to get me on the right track to graduate in four years. This also made me think about an article I read that debated whether or not academic advisors or professors gave the best academic advice. Initially I was shocked by the number of students they reported did not go to office hours. It also put a new perspective on why I should listen not only to my professors on why I should take classes in their field but also listen to my academic adisor. This also led me to wonder how many other resources students are not taking advantage of and if professors really do give as much academic advise as the article mentioned, which is where I am thinking about researching next week for my Medium post.

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