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OpenAI announced a partnership with Microsoft, that grants them exclusive source-code and model access to GPT-3 without using the API provided by OpenAI (like everyone else). This can be seen as another move away from openness, to secrecy and commercialization.

But is OpenAI really going against its own founding values, or is this just a necessary step to fuel their progress in pursuit of reaching AGI, Artificial General Intelligence?

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A multi-year partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI. A good thing? Source

Some History

In 2015, OpenAI was started. It immediately got on everyone's radar. The founders and investors included many prominent figures like Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Reid Hoffman, and Peter Thiel.

Their original mission was based on the fear that AGI might be created sooner than we think and if this were the case, it would be in the best interest of humanity if as many people as possible had access. The goal was clear: do fundamental AI Research in order to reach AGI and release everything publicly — preventing a single company or nation to have all the power. …

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Training an A.I. via Machine Learning from beginning to end

Hey! This will be a fast-paced, complete walkthrough of building an A.I. with Unity’s ML-Agents. Like a good TV Chef, I already have a simple game prepared, which you can clone from GitHub. Make sure you do, if you want to follow along! 🙂

Repository: A.I. Jumping Cars

Currently, it’s just a human-controlled game, no machine learning involved, YET! By pressing the space key, you can let the car jump to dodge the incoming vehicles.

We will train an A.I. via Machine Learning to do the same thing, hopefully, better than we — or at least I — can. …

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Why NOW is the best time to get started with Machine Learning in Unity.

Unity’s Machine Learning framework ML-Agents has just released version 1.0. As someone who has been following the progress of this framework for a while, this is exciting news and you should be excited, too.

If you want to watch a video instead, check this out:

With the 1.0 release, ML-Agents is available in Unity’s Package Manager, which means you can install it right from the Unity Editor. …


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