Great ideas for Party Planning Supplies with Feathers

Move over confetti, sparkles, streamers, balloons, poms and more the next time you throw a party. Incorporate feathers in your party planning supplies instead and give a twist to your celebrations everyone will remember. Yes, feathers! All you have to do is pick the most beautiful and finest quality feathers in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes that you’re sure to find pretty easily.

Just get set and follow these tips when you want to throw a party people will remember:

Think out-of-the-box while checking out event planning supplies:

Tell yourself that there’s no limit to the wonders you can create with feathers as the central theme of your party planning supplies. You can introduce feathers as a part of your aesthetic perception on virtually any festive occasion and as the main concept of any ingredient- be it furnishing, home decoration, fashion accessories, adorning party costumes, masks, bouquets and even food.

How about adopting natural quills for your party outfit, hairstyle and accessories such as earrings, neckpiece, bracelet et al? How about having them in footwear, cufflinks, hat, tie and the like? They’d make for a great fashion statement!

Consider natural feathers as your main party theme; you may buy plumes for that are leave people spellbound. You can procure rich, finest quality feathers in different color combinations to set yourself apart from the rest.

You can even announce feathers as the dress code theme of your party and communicate the same to your guests. It’s a great way to get your near ones on your toes much before the party and all excited.

You can splash all the attractive hues of pink, red, blue, yellow, green, turquoise, orange, blue and several others in decorative articles, colors and anything you can think of that conjures up thoughts of birds and feathers. Let your creative juices flow and let your efforts reflect the same.

To make it all the more fun, you can even announce prizes in various categories (e.g. birds of a feather flocking together for those who look identical and complement each other) and give away nice gifts to show your appreciation for the effort they made by being sporting.
Why limit yourself only to decorations and fashion? Feathers can be a part of food, cake, food serving cutlery and many other articles. You may select tableware featuring exotic images of feathers to go a step further too!

Tips for a great party supplies wholesale bargains and shopping:

If you’re worried that procuring feathers will cost a bomb, rest easy. It won’t; just embark on a wholesale feathers shopping spree. Art and craft material suppliers stock natural feathers in several forms. You can purchase feathers from them at wholesale price as per your requirement.

A good party supplies wholesale store will also inspire you to use plumes in a party dress and adornments like bouquets, furnishings, centerpiece, etc., apart from using them to do up the entire venue and even the vicinity.

Browse through the variety of feathers offered by the wholesale feathers suppliers. They’ll include peacock, ostrich, pheasant, cocktail and saddle, just to name a few. Ponder over the theme and the spread before you collectively and choose which comes closest to what you want to create.

In both-n brick and mortar stores as well as online shopping sites, you’re sure to come across suppliers who can provide the most eye-catching and mind-blowing feathers as party planning supplies. Most suppliers cater to all ranges of budgets, so you don’t have to worry about overshooting your resources!