How to Preserve Natural Feathers for the Next Carnival Season

With the carnival season on its peak, you might have bought yourself a bulk of beautiful natural feathers in various shades, species and sizes to craft yourself some gorgeous carnival costumes, carnival props, feather wings, feather headdresses, feather masks, feather boots, and for other carnival decorations. So what is your plan to do with your beautiful feather collection, be it Ostrich feathers, natural peacock feathers or Pheasant feathers, etc.? Well, the amount of money spent in creating a grand feather collection for your carnival celebrations can be saved by preserving your set of natural feathers for the next carnival season.

So, here we bring you some of the best and proven ways to preserve natural feathers for the next carnival season. Here are the following ways-

1) Preserve Natural Peacock Feathers Using The Salt Water Method

The salt water method is a simple and cost-effective method of preserving natural Peacock feathers and maintaining their desired shape. In this method, you need to create a saturated salt solution using the inexpensive driveway salt and pouring it into lukewarm water until the solution is saturated. After this, you need to soak the feathers inside the solution for two weeks by placing a suitable object over the feathers so that they are unable to float. After two weeks the natural feathers are preened using Woolite soap to recondition them. After this, the feathers can be blown dry along with simultaneous preening so as to regain the feather to its optimum shape.

Natural Peacock Feathers

2) Mite Control on Natural Feathers

One of the most common challenges that you face while preserving feathers is saving the feathers from mite attack. To control the mite attack on natural feathers you can store the feathers of different species in different plastic bags. By this, the mites present in a particular species of feathers will be restricted to the particular bag in which they are stored and other species are safe from the mite attack. To control the mite attack you can buy the might spray from the feather suppliers to be sprayed in the infected feather species.

3) Controlling Mites on Natural Peacock Feathers Using Soap and Insecticide without any Side Effect

A simple and effective way to control mites on natural feathers is by placing the feathers along with a soap in the plastic bags. For more effective mites controlling you can wash the feathers using Woolite soap and blow them dry, after which you can store them in a large plastic bag. Following this, you can place a small plastic bag sprayed with an insecticide into the large plastic bag. Now the large plastic bag needs to be kept closed for next 24 hours and then left open for another 24 hours. This will allow the insecticide to control mite attack on the feathers without affecting or harming the natural feathers.

4) Eradicating Maggots from Natural Feathers Using Moth Balls

You might have spent a good amount of money in buying wholesale feathers for the carnival season and a good amount of time in researching where to buy feathers from and creating your exclusive feather collection. You can preserve your feather collection for the next carnival season by this simple method. You just need to store your feather collection in paper bags and place moth balls with them that eradicates the mites and also help in preserving the dyed shine of the natural feathers.

5) Preserve Natural Peacock Feathers Using Herbal Oils

Natural herbal oils like Citronella, Cedar, Clove, Eucalyptus, Neem, Lavender, Cinnamon, etc. serve as an excellent bug repellent for natural feathers. Before storing feathers you can apply the herbal oils on the feathers gently using your finger tips. With this, you can keep a citronella-soaked pad of cloth along with the feathers in the storage bag or box they are stored.

The above ways of preserving natural feathers and controlling the mites attack are proven for their effectiveness and will surely help you preserve your set of natural feathers for the next carnival season in a cost-effective manner. With this, if you are searching where to buy feathers from at best prices, we at Schuman Feathers bring you an exclusive feather range at wholesale prices online.