Love Sidekick Review: Is Love Alchemist Academy Worth It?

Jason Schuschardt
3 min readOct 3, 2023

Love Sidekick’s program changed me.

For anyone who struggles with women, dating, conversations or confidence, there is nothing better than this program.

I was given private access to Love Alchemist Academy before its official release and had the opportunity to work closely with Liam’s team — and this is my review.

My transformation

It took me about 2–3 weeks to go through the training materials, to go from an awkward young man on the phone and in person, to basically being a Casanova, able to walk up to any girl, anywhere and not just start up a conversation about anything, but also flirt very successfully without any fear of rejection or what they thought of me and keep them interested and wanting more.

This is THE ONLY program AND ONLY source of information on women and seduction that has provided so much information that had helped me and that resonated with me. I could not stop watching the training. Now granted, I’m not going to go into heavy detail on how this program was so effective, because that would be unfair to Liam who made such a Masterpiece. This review will be brief, but I will scratch the surface so you can get an idea of how great this program really is.

Here are just a couple of aspects that women find attractive:

  1. Personality — Liam reveals a personality theory developed in Eastern Europe that tells you exactly what attracts each personality type. You’ll learn how to apply this to dating, so that you find and attract compatible women who chase you — and as a result, you only need to interact with women who would already be attracted to you or who naturally “vibe” with you from the start. You’ll learn how to spot these women from a mile away instantly. Dating becomes much easier this way.
  2. Confidence — Liam explains how confidence is taking action and appearing certain regardless of how uncertain you may appear inside. He provides the secrets behind what makes naturally confident men appear so confident, and how you can emulate that behavior.

In addition, you’ll understand why there’s no competition and why it’s never been easier to attract women.

The program talks about how men are naturally attracted to women, but civilization deems that behavior inappropriate and urges men to suppress their behavior. However, life is too short to listen to what society wants. You need to go after what YOU want.

With the tools I’ve learned from Love Sidekick, I’ve become a monster.

I have built up such a tough skin that nothing rattles me anymore. There is nothing a woman can say to demean me or reject me that will even put a droplet of doubt in my mind. I can make women laugh and drop their guard down within seconds.

At the same time, I can just flow in social situations, not because I want to get a date with her, but because I want to improve my conversation game and test how far I can push my persuasive superpowers past their limits into the next level. When you learn these new skills, it’s just all practice for “fun”. It was a huge change for me.

As I said, I went from being an awkward video gamer to being a master conversationalist and flirt machine. Also, it really helped me develop a lifelong “zero f***s given” attitude.

Now, I have at least two dates lined up per week, and that’s with my busy schedule… It’s not just my dating life that has improved, but my self-esteem and life outlook are on a whole new level.

Trust me, this program will change your ways with women forever.

Godspeed, gentlemen.