David Schwartz
4 min readMar 21, 2019
Calling all Litecoin Community members!

Being in the role of Project Director, there are times when I am presented with opportunities for the Litecoin Foundation that in many ways, may provide a better opportunity for those within the global community to be the majority player, rather than the Foundation itself. This normally occurs when the proposed project or partnership has a desired end result from the party making the offer that is not 100% contingent upon the Foundation being the one to help make it happen.

Though it was not brought to the Litecoin Foundation, the sponsoring of Ben Askren prior to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 235 is a perfect example of the Litecoin community itself coming together to make a sponsorship happen. Ben was a staunch supporter of cryptos and Litecoin well before meeting John Kim, myself, or anyone else involved with Litecoin. But when a group within the community offered to sponsor him, it was obvious that doing so would be a watershed moment in proving just how engaged our community is.

It is because of this willingness and selfless desire by many to bring about global awareness and adoption of Litecoin that I come to everyone with an offer to help with another opportunity. This one is not only awareness related, but also has an element of actual integration of Litecoin as a form of payment.

I cannot provide to you the name of the entity for the sponsorship at this point (per their request), but it is located in a place within America that is near and dear to many within the music industry. I am also not allowed to reveal the nature of the entity is as of yet, because it will not officially come online until next month and they would like it to be a surprise, as it combines the old with the new. But if any of you know me well enough, when I tell you that this is an action that you can get behind and support, I mean it.

I will not overstate or make something bigger than it is just to drum up support or excitement, as I don’t believe that is the right way to do things. It is not an Amazon, Starbucks or Kroger type of deal. But I will tell you this, the sponsorship portion will involve the speaking the name of Litecoin at the end of thousands of radio ads per month (for at least 2 months, initially). The cost for each month is set at $6,000 worth of Litecoin.

This entity will, in a separate portion of the partnership, integrate Litecoin (and Bitcoin, because that’s how we roll) payments in their on-site and online merchandise shop. It will also pursue additional avenues in which to have Litecoin as a partner. Why? Because the owners are also Litecoin investors and supporters themselves, and they wish to bring crypto and specifically Litecoin, into a space that it has not yet been involved in.

I believe in it enough that I have put my own personal name on the dotted line for this deal (outside of my role as Project Director) as the point of reference for the community, and am fully confident that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th order of effects resulting from this potential relationship will be well worth the effort.

If you would like to contribute in any way, the Litecoin Foundation will be in possession of the wallet address (shown at the bottom of this letter) for the sponsorship portion of this partnership. It will be held by them, simply to ensure that everything the community gives will be in the hands of a reputable 3rd party that everyone knows and trusts. But be assured, this is NOT a Foundation endeavor at this time. It is completely a community one.

As I am able to provide more information, I will definitely do so. You may not know what it is specifically going to now, and to many that may sound odd, but I can tell you that once all is revealed it will sound like music to your ears.

So please consider giving to this partnership through the Litecoin wallet address and QR code given below. Any amount is welcome. Big or small, every lite matters…and so do you.

Thank you for your consideration and trust.


David Schwartz (Project Director), Litecoin Foundation

Litecoin Wallet Address: MBTXq281EHwztNT4YMdFuWwxkWLjNy83A8



David Schwartz

Project Director for the Litecoin Foundation and CEO & Co-Founder of Cornerstone Global Management, LLC, David has been in the crypto space since mid-2017