Innovation NERDs focus on next success

Do you remember when the start-up founding team got its first millions euros and a bunch of advisors entered the workplace. This time to focus on value creation is crucial for the success and development of the company. Those time also affect the dynamic of the founding team. New members are joining and contribute to the new story of the company.

Vision gathered from technology and business information

The goal of the company is to grow, bring its solutions to the market and generate profits. The focus is no more on innovation and creativity but execution and all the founding team need to accept it; with sometime the need to step out from current responsibilities and embrace new one. A technical founding CEO would therefore step back to a longer term strategy role and let a finance background profile take on the executive role.

This could be considered as a drawback but let’s embrace the opportunity here. Strategy and vision are what makes the founding team unique in a start-up and lead to success where executive and operation managers are easy to replace. Despite the arrival of executive to manage the company, the founding team is also the one who created the culture and the values of the company and have therefore the strongest power to drive the leadership style in the company.

A company focusing on execution and market access will reach its potential but nowadays product life cycle is short and after a couple of years some incremental innovation will be necessary to grow the number of customers. Very soon, after three or four years, their will be an urgency to bring novelty to customers in order to take the company to the next stage. And this is where the founding team is essential to build a second success for the company.

The holly grail is that second success. Most of companies have been lucky at launching a first product but most of the time they fail to find the recipe that led to this results. One of the answer is to keep the founding team alive, its culture, values and more important its vision.

Therefore you need to keep these innovation NERDs at the heart of the company to stay inspired and develop the future. And why are they NERDs ? Because they have a unique capability to accumulate knowledge, connect it together under a big picture and see opportunities. Innovation NERDs gather knowledge from several channels.

In a science an technology company with strong biotechnology, I would recommend a daily review of the following channels:

  • Tech Crunch
  • The Verge
  • Wired
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Fiece Pharma
  • CB Insights
  • LA Biotech
  • Harvard Business Review
  • McKinsey Quaterly

They are strong resources that keep visionary and creative people aware of technology leadership. Having forward-thinking and thoughtful content help educating business leaders to comprehend upcoming challenges and entrepreneurs to sell their vision. You also need to keep away from the mainstream and understand if technology teaser introduced two or three years ago keep their promise. Finally, understanding technology ecosystems mutation, not only Silicon Valley but eastern Europe or India, Brazil in particular for reverse innovation.

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