Event Zero: FATE on Tabletop
Wil Wheaton

I’m running a Fate Accelerated Edition game set in 2034. In 12 weeks of games we’ve covered about 18h of game time – but also built an incredibly rich and detailed world.

Fate demands and facilitates amazing co-creativity. In one of our first sessions I had a character stumble into a gunfight when he was expecting to find his daughter. I had no good reason for this beyond wanting to create a WTF moment for the players and an opportunity for the main character in that situation to shine. Four sessions later that event spawned a huge set of repercussions that enriched the world – but I couldn’t find the narrative justification for the gunfight itself. When I tossed the challenge to the players, they spent a few hours chatting back and forth, ultimately coming up with a narrative that was convoluted and conspiratorial and made complete sense. It shifted the balance of power in the geopolitical landscape, created space for new levels of intrigue, and (as of last game) lead to the secession of the Luna Colony.

That kind of narrative mojo is commonplace in Fate. Such a great system!

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