Increasing Bitcoin-Privacy using the Lightning Network OR How to delete the origin of your Bitcoins

18. Jan 2018, 43 Nodes, 68 Channels, Capacity: 9931,08 USD
23. Jan 2018, 139 Nodes, 329 Channels, Capacity: 23093,67 USD
4. Feb 2018, 422 Nodes, 1058 Channels, Capacity: 36725,82 USD
4. Mar 2018, 947 Nodes, 1796 Channels, Capacity: 51552,64 USD
16. Apr 2018, 1569 Nodes, 5006 Channels, Capacity: 109253,01 USD
24. May 2018, 2401 Nodes, 7151 Channels, Capacity: 155221,32 USD ( sat) (
24. May 2018, 2046 Nodes, 6606 Channels, Capacity: 152092,52 USD (2.013.526.343 sat)(

The VISA Network is capable of sending 56000 transactions per second. Paypal’s maximum is currently at 400 transactions per second. At Consensus 2018 Christian Decker said that each Lightning Channel can process 500 tx/s. With the current 7151 channels that would be a maximum of more than 3.5 million tx/s if we assume that every node has the neccessary hardware.

Let’s Assume we hacked MtGox and want to ‘wash’ our Bitcoins. This is just an hypothetical example. The nodes I use for this example really exist in the network but have nothing to do with MtGox. Sorry, if you read this and one of these nodes is yours…

Our send node: skryre (top left corner) — — — — Our receive node: GOLD (bottom right corner)
Our path: skryre — — cicekdagi — — Alibaba — GOLD



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