The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

A great depiction of what you’re writing about — to me — is the depiction of the character Melanie in Jackie Brown by Tarantino.

A character who was depicted, not so much by the character in itself. But rather by how she’s paired with the other characters in the movie. If you truly listen to what she is saying, how she is acting you can tell that Melanie is a brilliant person who possesses a huge intellect.

But the movie doesn’t want you to think of it that way, so it tricks you into thinking she is the A-type blonde bimbo. In the way of how Ordell, Louis and Jackie herself talk about her.

She’s portrayed as a wildcard, thrill-chaser, but if you actually pay attention to her. She’s the one person who rivals Jackie and Max in terms of intellect. But she is also the only one who is limiting herself.

For me it was in the scene were she is walking with Louis through the parking lot, constantly nagging him. Trying to provoke some kind of intelligent fast-paced thought-play and discussion. She was constantly, mentally, four steps ahead of the man who was supposed to be in charge of the operation. Yet she is walking behind him, shown as the one who is in the passenger seat and doesn’t really have any control.

She is a collective image of everything you cover in this post. I think for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, do yourself the favor and watch it. And think of Melanie, pay attention to her and don’t overlook her wit.

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