Delay Due to Interest and Anticipated Size of March Outgrowing Original Plans



CHICAGO, IL: The March for Science Chicago is a rally, march and expo bridging the distance between science and society. Recent events in public policy have put a spotlight on the scientific community, science, and their role within government, media, and the public. Our march, organized by volunteers of diverse backgrounds, professions and experiences, supports the scientific community, recognizes how science serves society at large, and promotes an approach to governing that leverages peer-reviewed, evidence-based policy making.

The March for Science Chicago is among the largest of the 400+ cities across the globe participating in the event on April 22, 2017. The rally, march and expo will be held in downtown Chicago on South Columbus Drive. Entrance to the rally will be on East Congress Parkway near South Michigan Ave. The rally will begin at 10:00am Central, south of East Jackson Drive on South Columbus Drive and will include speakers from Chicago involved in the scientific community. A final list of speakers will be announced soon.

After the rally, marchers will be led south on Columbus Drive into Chicago’s Museum Campus where we will host an expo from 12:00 Noon — 3:00pm Central at the South End of The Field Museum, the first major supporter of the March for Science Chicago. The Expo will be hosted in the Taxi Loop near East McFetridge Drive. It will be an opportunity for science organizations from around Chicago to showcase their work and for the Chicago community to take the next step in supporting science at the local level.

“The march is not only a moment but a movement beyond April 22nd. We believe science is the beating heart of the city with broad shoulders, and want Chicago to become known not just as The Second City, but The Science City,” says Adam Arcus, one of the Directors of the March for Science Chicago.

More information about the march including logistics, registrations and how you can support it can be found at Interested organizations can apply to be part of the Expo at the march’s website, as well. The Expo roster will be announced on April 17th.