Scienceroot Introduction

Who are we?

Scienceroot is a holistic blockchain-based ecosystem enabling the academic community to reap its rewards.

In unifying the search for funding and consolidating all platforms a scientist needs we save you countless hours of headaches.

Publishing work or reviewing existing ones is both beneficial to you and us — we share our profits!

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the science and research communities, utilizing blockchain. Our mission objective is the creation of an ecosystem tailored to the needs of the global research community.

Intended to function as a centralized hub, users are able to seek out funding opportunities, interact, discuss and collaborate.

With Scienceroot’s focus on providing an intuitive, transparent and efficient platform, our very own Cryptocurrency will be integrated to infuse life into our vision.

Science Token (ST) allows you to exchange funds, submit articles to our journal, access content, and reward others for their contributions.

Compounding all critical aspects relevant to today’s knowledge worker into one easy-to-use suite, we aim to empower the global science community by rewarding those who deserve plenty.

Our Motivation and Mission

Technology evolves faster than ever, with the pace picking up with every passing year. 
Unprecedented in history, we have the greatest and brightest minds driving unparalleled change. Progress isn’t a trend that naturally happens on its own — it requires an ever growing number of researchers and experts. Shockingly the scientific community of today doesn’t get what it deserves, constantly struggling with obtaining funding and working endless hours with little to no reimbursement.

It is our stated mission objective to empower those who empower us all by establishing Scienceroot the first scientific ecosystem to sustain a journal which rewards scientists for their efforts.

For young and veteran professionals across all academic branches alike, one mantra is persistent: Accumulate a reputation through constant and concise publication.

It is never an easy task and requires hours of dedication and focus.

To put some weight off the community’s shoulder, we aim to provide a wholesome solution to those who enable us all.

We are convinced that collaboration is the key to success. Therefore our solution will allow its users to communicate and collaborate with peers.

With money being crucial even in academia, we desire to offer the possibility of browsing for funding and grant opportunities, including work related prospects.

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