Advanced Life Saving Equipments of Ambulance Services

Every ambulance in the world that is providing critical life saving care and services is expected to carry many vital, critical and advanced life saving equipments that are needed to monitor the health of the patient, stabilizing the worsening condition of the patient and cure the patient to some extent till the ambulance reaches hospital and the patient is directly transferred either to the ICU or operation table. The advanced nature of ambulance equipment is necessary to save the precious life of the patient. And that is why every ambulance in the world is always equipped with all the highly advanced life saving equipments throughout the clock readily available to face all the eventual known and unknown emergencies. So today we will be learning about some of these legendary equipments those are as follows:

All the major and minor equipments used in the ambulance are mainly medical and hospital equipments. These are the same kind of equipments that are mostly used in I.C.U chambers and in each & every operation theatre of the world. These are the following equipments that are as follows:

Ventilation and Airway tools and equipments: The first and foremost equipment with which most of the patients have an encounter is popularly known as airing and airway tools. This device is mostly popular for providing air to the patients who have breathing related problems and cardiac related health disorders. This kind of machine has portable oxygen apparatus that is capable of supplying a metered flow of oxygen to the patient via an adequate tube.

Monitoring & Defibrillation tools & equipments: It is absolutely mandatory for all the ambulances in the world to equip the vehicle with an highly advanced & automated external defibrillator with an equally skilled staff such as an advanced life support personnel who are carrying a monitor oriented defibrillator. The AED must have paediatric skills and capabilities.

Immobilization tools and devices : As we had said it earlier, ambulances are always get prepped for all the known and unknown eventualities such as handling seriously injured accident victims with the help of numerous devices such as a) Cervical Collar b) Head Immobilization Device c) Lower extremity (femur) traction devices etc.

These are some ambulances as well as special need vehicles that stay prepared round the clock with professionally skilled paramedics.

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