LG G5. Bringing ‘fun’ back.

A Friendly Phone

Well, they surely improved their phone in many ways, too. With the better AP, better hardware and better design by using metals. But as they do in the MWC keynote, the specification sheet can be found on the press releases. What they want to talk about their new G5 is that the phone is actually fun to play with.

Overall presentation has a less serious tone manner comapred to the Galaxy’s epic saga like one. Their presentation is more freidnly (and they also uses term ‘friends’ when they describ their accesory modules). The overall presentation uses colorful and comic like touches by using more hip and cool slangs to show the features of the phone.

Camera! Camera! Camera!

Cameras are very important features of smartphones. Well, most people get their smartphone to be part of social media, making good photos is the key feature of the smartphones. iPhone is struggling with the camera quality under low light exposure conditions. Sony, LG and Samsung are competiting to enhance their phones’ camera features. LG’s recent G4 and V10 wasn’t very cutting edge when it comes to the bench mark scores but had very impressive camera features.

G5 now comes with better camera inheriting the camera performance of G4 and V10. They are spending major portion of their presentation time on describing the camera feature.

Even their camera extention ‘friend’ module doens’t look so handy and lacking some critial wow-factor but still buil-in camera can be on the top of the list in the market.


Although, the friends feature of extension modules don’t look very handy, but the friends feature is succesful on the device extensibility matter since many modern phoens are going unibody lacking batter replacement or expansion. G5′s friends can make your music listening experience better with B&O module or you can also play with drones or VR cams.

The challenge LG facing with the friends feature is that will people who buy LG phones actually care for the extentibility with early adoptor like features. Will LG sell more phone enough to make markets welcome these extentibility?

Life’s good when you play more.

Again, LG’s G5 won’t be the new Galaxy or the new iPhone. LG phones will be LG phones. But their choice of being funnier instead of being big and epic surely is an excellent idea. If someone choose LG phone over Galaxy or iPhone, their expectation won’t be that hard. When you just touch and touch something and have fun experience with the picture taking or media consuming, that would might be all. All you want is fun not the epic jibber jabber underneath.

Yes. It is not like ‘to be or not to be’ decision making. It is just a phone you choose. LG’s new G5 might not be ‘it phone’ you have been looking all over. But it might be a very fun one to try.

Originally published at scihifi.net.

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